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This Full House Kids: The birth of a family blogging project.


It's a girl...a girl...a boy...and a girl!

I am pleased to announce the birth of This Full House Kids - yep, we have added yet ANOTHER blog to our menu and I know what you're thinking...yes, I DO...because, it's probably the same thing that my husband, Garth (not his real name) is wondering and I ask myself, all the time, too.

Holy Hannah Montana...WOMAN...what WERE you thinking?

Here's the thing, blogging has introduced our family to some pretty wonderful opportunities - not to mention, allowed me the space to express myself and witness many random acts of kindness - and inviting you (yes, YOU!) to share parenting stories and ideas has been an invaluable resource in maintaining a healthy relationship, with each other.

Or, as close to normal as possible...taking into consideration...I'm their mother, and everything.

However, my kids ARE getting older and I thought it was time that I allowed each of them the chance to...um...you know, talk back.


Hopefully, this blog will provide my children the opportunity to start (or, continue) conversations with us (and their peers) in perhaps another more, shall we say, controlled form of communication - instant messaging is REALLY getting expensive.

This Full House is a work in progress - sort of like raising children, really - and I thought that perhaps helping this blog evolve into a family project would allow us to spend even MORE time together and encourage my children to write; something we ALL love to do.

Quite simply, This Full House Kids is sort of a She Said...We Say...or, Mom Said...and You Know She's Totally Off Her Nut...type of thing.

First up, is Thing One (yes, they are keeping their blog names) with her Teen Book Review on the 3 books I did NOT want her to read, sort of.

So stop on by, clean off a chair, sit down and stay awhile...oh, and...especially, if you're a mom (or, dad) please, feel free to bring the kids!

There's always room for one more - in conversation, anyway!

Now, if only I could get Garth (not his real name) to come on board.

[cue:  words of encouragement, NOW!]


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