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Thursday Thirteen #7 - Go Slow, Tired Moms Ahead.



There's an interesting article in USA Today about how babies can cause "momnesia", the mental fuzziness and memory lapses that set in shortly after childbirth.

The article goes on to give expert opinions on the subject and why some women would be reluctant to talk about their memory problems.  One that hit home, for me, was for fear of being judged poorly at work.


NOT just at work and It doesn't go away, either.  Still.  If you're wondering (or, worried) about the long-term effects of "momnesia," don't sweat it.  Take it from me - nearly 15 years of working in the trenches - here are 13 reasons why I do NOT think you're crazy.

The Thirteen Signs That You ARE A Mom:

#13  You cannot commit to anything before consulting four different calendars.
#12  You can take a shower, brush your teeth and shave your legs ALL at the same time.
#11  While driving, your children remind you to, “Slow down – you’re gonna crash us!”
#10  During a conversation, you can’t finish a single thought without going onto the next .
#9    You break another vacuum cleaner because, it just can’t keep up with you.
#8    You demand that everyone, “For heaven's sake, STOP and let me do it!”
#7    You leave the house wearing your slippers – again.
#6    Everything out of your mouth ends with the words, “Damn it.”
#5    You kiss your significant other "hello" and "goodbye" at the front door.
#4    You are lost without your cell phone.
#3    Your children are lost, without your cell phone.
#2    You feel lost, a lot.

And finally, the #1 sign that you probably just need to slow down is:

You see stars and it’s not even night time, damn it!

If you've answered "YES!" to anyone of these, then - CONGRATULATIONS - you are a mom, and should consider yourself in pretty good company, like me.

Please, make yourself at home - you'll find that there's always room for one more smile and plenty of hugs, here at my house - feel free to kick-off your shoes and, by all means, SLOW DOWN!

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