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Blog Reader Appreciation Day


That's right, today is Blog Reader Appreciation Day.


Well, City Mama said so and Robin (The Other Mother) came up with this wonderful idea of showing your blog readers a little love; that's why!

So, what's it to you?

Well, I've been blogging for nearly 5 years and you guys (yes, YOU!) never fail to amaze me with your kindness and generosity expressed toward the ever-growing blogging community of parenting-type units, like me.

Honestly, your kind words have seen me through some of my toughest days...EVUH!

So, to show my appreciation, I am going to make another valiant attempt (yes, I've done this before) and post a link to the blogs on my Full House Blogroll, along with 5 words that immediately come to mind, for each:

A Mommy Story - Got to meet her, finally!
Absolutely Bananas - I am nuts about her!
Adventures in Parenting - She's really pretty, in person.
Amber Bamber Boo -  Please post an update, soon.
Adventures of a Reluctant Housewife - I'm one of those, too. - Most awesome picture taker, ever.

Believer in Balance - Would sleep with her, again.
Blonde Mom -  She always makes me think.
Blue Grass Mama - Probably as nice, for real.
Breadcrumbs in Butter - Probably even funnier, in person.
 Busy Mom - She's got the cutest twang.

City Mama -  Best of the best, really.
Coffee Soup - Got kids?  Must read her.
Compost Happens - Bet hers does not stink.
Confessions of an Organized Mess - Mom, wife AND super hero.
Cootiehog - I hate comment trolls, too!

Crazy Bloggin' Canuck - Almost shared a cab, together.
Crunchy Domestic Goddess - Beautiful AND healthy for you!

Domestic Minx - What you been up to?
Domestic Psychology
- Puts the psy in chology.

Mrs. Flinger - Meet me at BlogHer, m'kay.
Friday Playdate - Pretty, smart, like her anyway.
From Dates to Diapers - Should be hating her, too.
From the Cheap Seats - Just quit her job, BOOYAH!

Generation Exhausted - Been reading her long time.
Golly Blog Howdy - Yes, I'm thinking about you.

Hilarities Ensue - Can't have too many Liz's.
Hotfessional - She is hawt, this one.

It's A Wilson Thing - Possibly the cutest kids, ever.
IzzyMom - Blogging never looked so good.

Jason for the Love of God - Just finished her novel, WHOOT!
Jennster - Dana turned me onto her.
JPD Mom - Life IS too short, damnit!

Karen Sugarpants - Please don't stop blogging, EVUH.
Katespot - See you on Saturday, baby.
Kini's Place - Her blog calms me, too.

Latte Man - Reminds me of my husband.

Maybe Baby - Makes me a better parent.
Michele Agnew - The queen of linky love!
Midwestern Mommy - I like your hair, dah'link!
Mimilou - One very pretty mommy blog.
Mixed Messages - Can't bring myself to delete.
Mom101 - Should run for president, maybe.
Mom and pop Culture - Surprised she STILL likes me.
Mom of Three Girls- Oh, they are ALL beautiful.
Mom of Many Male Youngsters - Where DID you go, btw?
Mom to the Screaming Masses - Makes it all look easy.
Mommy Needs Coffee - Must have been a cheerleader.
Motherbumper - Yeah...she's very cool, too.
Moody Mama - Doing the best we can.
Mothergoosemouse - Thinking, blogging and just being.
Mrs. Mogul - I'm totally star struck, yo!
Musings of a Housewife - She's got real pretty shoes.
My Life - Sort of looks like mine.

Nature Moms Blog - Crunchy goodness; does good blog.
Ninja Poodles - OMG, I want her chickens!
No Minivan, Just Moxie - No, she does NOT bite.

[Takes a DEEP breath]

Oh, The Joys - Stuff that makes me think.
Oma's Place - Glad to meet another Flinger.
Open Up - Fresh and makes me smile.
Outside In - Taking a good look around.
Overactive Imagination - Glad to just be here.

Pamalamadingdong - If only I could run.
Papernapkin - I'll happily delurk with you.
Parentopia - Helped me drop the guilt.
Parway Rest Stop - It's not easy living here.
Petroville - So, I hang here instead.
Phat Mommy - Makes Homeschooling look easy, almost.
Plain Jane Mom - Frankly, she's really very pretty.
Posted Note - Blogging can be really fun.
Puppies and Life - Rudy sends hugs and kisses.

Queen of Spain - She should be queen...everything.

Ramblings of a SAHM - More like higher thinking, really.
RC - Warm and fuzzy, you are.
Real World Mom - AND she lives in Jersey!

Scheiss Weekly - Not many better than this.
Schmitty Life - Oh...wait...there's her, too.
Scribbit - I need her management skills.
Secret Agent Josephine - I want her coding secrets.
Silicon Valley Moms Group - Dear friends and blogging sistahs!
Silly Old Bear - Big-armed squeezy hugs, always.
Sleeping Mommy - Funny, you don't look tired.
 Smoochmonkey - Again, with the big arms!
Socal Mom - Left coast moms totally rock.
Stop, Drop and Blog - Fire Mom is my favorite.
Surviving Motherhood - She's doing just fine, really.
Sweatpants Mom - Not just a fashion statement.

Table for Five - I could sit with her.
Tech Savvy Mama - She's all over the Internets.
The Bean Blog - Five kids and still sane!
The Bloggess - Just like her name says.
The Blue Sloth - Blog is poetry in motion.
The Dana Files - Yep...slept with her, too!
The Mommy Blog - The first and original Underbelly!
The Silent I - Glennia's VERY articulate, I think.
This Woman's Work - One of my first links.
Three Kid Circus - And she's going crazy, too.
Three Peas in a Pod - New's pretty, too.
Three Ring Circus - Very rarely drops a ball.
Twas Brillig - Makes me really think, damnit.

Where The Wild Things Are - Thinking about her, as well.
Wondermom - The blogger fits the name.
Woulda Coulda Shoulda - She's a work of heart.

Yellow Rose - Some thing new, every day.

Zoot - She also does good blog!

Phew, some blog posts can really make a person's eyes bleed...huh!?!

[rubs eyes and reaches for the Midol]

Crazy, isn't it?  Someone recently asked me - at the event that shall not be named - what was up with all the mom bloggers and why anyone (like me) would even bother spending so much time on blog(s).  I mean, if you're NOT getting paid (like me) or anything.

[shrugs shoulders]

After careful consideration, I gave my answer in, like, maybe two seconds:

"Um...uh...erm...wait...I KNOW...It's way cheaper than therapy!"

Thanks for listening and - if you're here for the first time, or have EVER left a comment, you have my undying love and appreciation - the check is in the mail.

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