Got teens - it's about time we had a Girl Talk, yes?
Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Hot Dogs and Warm Heart

Beware: Bitch Session in Progress - Hold my calls and mind all the empty margarita glasses.

My mom had double-knee replacement surgery, last year (yes, it's just as icky as it sounds) and her and dad have had one medical challenge after another, since then.

Life goes like that, sometimes - beautiful one minute, filled with suckage the rest.

It's okay, though.  I sort of imagine life as a giant 50 foot female, all hopped up on too much caffeine and experiencing a bad hair day, and expect it will probably try to bite me in the ass, more than once.

Today, most especially, she is going to be a total BITCH!

Mom is going back into hospital for complications.


No worries, though.  I'm very thankful that my husband Garth (not his real name) and the kids are off on spring break, through Wednesday, so we're heading down to my folks place (as soon as Thing One gets out of the shower, damnit) and taking Doofus-dog with us, too.

Not quite the vacation my children and husband imagined (I'm sure) but, they want to be near me and the grandparents and, to be honest with you, I'm very glad for it.

I'll be offline for a few days.

More suckage.

My dad is having trouble walking and, quite frankly, is a mess without my mother around - so, I'm staying over and plan to introduce my father to a good old-fashioned girlie sleepover.  Yep, we're putting on our pj's, breaking out the frozen margaritas, will go through a couple of bowls of popcorn, no doubt and perhaps console each other with a bitch session, or two.

I'm good at that - but, then again, dear blogging friends...already knew that, yes?

If anyone needs me, I'll be at the hospital with dad...reading year-old magazines, annoying old people with my snorty-nervous laughter and raiding some poor vending machine of EVERYTHING it's got....and LATER...getting totally wasted on some pre-mixed margarita...gallon-sized bottle, if you have it, thankyouverymuch...please leave your message at the beep.


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