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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Catherapy


Cats.  Some people seem like they can't live without them and others just don't understand the attraction.  Either way, cats can bring out the best (and worst) in their human counterparts.  I mean, they do have a reputation of being a tiny bit self-absorbed and often times are considered to be not a very good, you know, people-type pet.


There are those times, during their seemingly endless days of captivity, when a cat can sense that something is off and their owners aren't feeling quite right, or perhaps the planets are aligned and the earth's rotation has shifted just a tad, and they simply slip out of character.


Or (in this case) when the other more affectionate and much younger beta cat is at the vet and in critical care, at the moment.


Either way...there IS peace in the valley, tonight.

Thanks, Old Man - I owe you one - and get well soon, Bucky (named after Buck Beak, one of Hagrid's many pets in Harry Potter) we miss you, so much!

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