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The idea behind Marie's meme is that, every Tuesday,  moms should get the chance to "toot our own horns" (for once) and celebrate each others achievements.


Okay -- although, I'm NOT very good at accepting praise [cough-cough] here it goes -- I'm about to be thrown into a room with 56 other mom bloggers and I have decided to leave my husband's balls, at home!

What is it with women -- and I'm not talking about just your typically "mommy drama" -- why can't we all just...you know...get along?

Well, strictly speaking as a woman -- and don't even get me started on fighting the Gemini within -- I find that I much prefer and have always enjoyed the company of...you know...men.

Even as a child growing up in the seventies (talk about a turbulent time for women) I was too busy climbing trees with my brother and skinning my elbows and knees on failed jumps on a makeshift bike ramp to worry about whether my jeans were Gloria Vanderbilt-enough!

I love being a woman -- albeit, all the uncomfortable physical aspects that go along with it -- but, I'm sorry...I just think men are much less...you know...complicated!

And you really can't blame women.

History dictates that women have struggled against discrimination for a very long time -- some of us still do -- and I think that being female means that you have to learn how to develop a tough skin, naturally.

As a mother...well...I believe that we are a passionate lot and are ALL doing our best in raising confident, educated and self-respecting sons and daughters.

If only I felt the same, about myself.

At home, I'm fierce. In fact, my husband Garth (not his real name) often times calls home (especially, during a particularily bad day at work) to see if he could have his balls back.  Yes, I make nearly ALL of "our" decisions (he's the money whiz, I am not) and, if you cross me, or my family, I am a force to be reckoned with.  In my house, I am the Alpha Mom!

Coming out from behind my blog, not so much.


Because, there are some blogging women who are...you know...way fiercer and that sort of...um...fierceness can seem very intimidating.

To a dork, like me.

So, to make a long story short (I know, too late) I've been given an opportunity to participate in an event, that shall not be named [wink, wink, see sidebar] and meet with mom bloggers from all over the country, and Canada, too.

Why?  I still don't know.

But, I am thankful and realize what a huge undertaking this sort of event is...because, there will be...you know...lots of OTHER women there.  Together.  In one room.


Nevertheless, I am going.

So, moms of the blogging world, let's get something straight off...m'kay?  I know, that you know, that -- no matter, who you are and how many blogs you write for -- we are ALL pretty much in the same boat and wading through a journey that is less than stellar, more often than not.  Which makes taking this trip totally worth it.  Perhaps, you're even just as nervous as me.  When meeting women bloggers, I mean.  I doubt it.  Still.  I suggest that you ALL get ready to be hugged...fiercly.

I hope there's cake!

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