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A Perfect Post for April - So, You From Wisconsin?


The kids and I recently had the pleasure of introducing my friend Dana (she's from Wisconsin) to her first seaside experience, not to mention the best damned "boardwalk pizza" in the Garden State!

Okay, New Jersey is not perfect - people are buying gas less and spending most of their money on groceries, including us - but, I'm comforted by the fact that waterfront is at least within walking distance.

Until, I read my friend Cheryl's post on how she was, you know, okay with leaving the waves behind - she's ALSO from Wisconsin.

"Finding waves in a forest takes a little more concentration, but it is more than possible. It's inevitable if you are still and silent long enough. Slowly, you'll notice the tops of the trees waving in the wind, you'll hear the gentle blowing and rustling of that same sea-originating breeze, sometimes as loud as a train, but mostly soft like distant thunder. The air carries the scent of damp soil instead of salty ocean, and I am clarified by the earth as much as the sea."

[breaths in deep]

Dayum, but the woman CAN write - you really should be reading her, you know - and visiting Cheryl's blog (Red Pens & Diapers) is sort of like taking a lazy stroll along a sandy beach and a perfect example of exactly the kind of stuff I love about the Internets.

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