Meanwhile, Back at Kamp Kegel - Part I
Nearly Wordless Wednesdays: Birthday Wishes and Caviar Dreams!

What Memorial Day Means To Me, Mostly.


Yep, it's Monday and my youngest (she's 6) is beside herself with worry, because our flag isn't up (yet) and she can NOT find anything red to wear!

Anything that's CLEAN, anyway.

You see, around these parts, Memorial Day is the "unofficial" start of barbecue season and, as of today, the beaches in New Jersey are now "officially" open!

Which simply means that the lifeguards are on duty and it's high time we ALL get our beach tags, or better make sure that those season passes are visibly displayed on the dashboard of your car, thankyouverymuch.

This weekend is also when my twin brother and I typically celebrate our birthday (May 28) and then he joined the Army right before we graduated high school and I quickly became accustomed to being an only child.

Until, he almost died.

My brother was deployed a few weeks after his wedding in 2004 and shipped home in a prelude to one of the biggest battles of his life - cancer.

He was lucky and only lost a kidney.

Today, we are driving the kids down to Fort Dix and spending the day with Uncle Bud, remembering that there are families who, sadly, understand Memorial Day to have a very different meaning.


Like, Major Andy Olmsted - he gave his life on January 3, 2008 in the service of others - who I didn't know in real life, yet this man was the inspiration behind Red, White and Blue Fridays.

This was his last post from the front lines

So, my friends, I hope you all enjoyed the weekend.


I'm just very happy to be able to spend another year - celebrating the anniversary of our 29th birthday - with my big brother.  Yes, he's 3 minutes OLDER than me.  But, I'm dedicating a portion of this beautiful sunny day to remembering Major Olmsted and pray for peace; that is all.

[Photo via Rocky Mountain News]

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