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Nearly Wordless Wednesdays: Birthday Wishes and Caviar Dreams!


Why, yes...it IS my birthday...but, I'm not here AND those aren't really my sneakers, either.

They do, however, belong to my 12-year-old and they fit me (big feet, warm heart) and I sort of...you know...like them.

So, I'm borrowing them (because, mine broke) and spending the entire day...ALONE...with my husband, Garth (not his real name) and nobody else, but him!


Because, he surprised me by taking a vacation day...TODAY...and we're spending the WHOLE day...TOGETHER...strolling along the beach, or sucking on freshly-shucked oysters topped with a tiny dollop of sour cream and perhaps a sprinkle of caviar, even.

Doesn't matter, really.  I'll be JUST as happy sharing a dirty water hot dog and swapping some spit...ALONE...with the man who...you know...is willing to spend an entire day alone, with me!

Aaaaand...YES...it IS the best birthday gift, EVUH!

[heavy sigh]

Have a great day, everyone - oh, and please feel free to leave your message at the beep.

[big toothy grin]


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