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Why...YES...we do kids parties, sort of.

A lot of parents I know pride themselves in the fact that they just don't do kids parties, anymore.  As well they should.  It takes a lot of time and effort (not to mention, money) to put one together (not to mention, the BIG CLEAN, afterwards) yet, my kids have attended dozens of "theme-park-type" birthdays, where the child's entire class is invited and, you know, actually shows up, which often times leaves the rest of us feeling dazed and totally UGH-mazed!

As a mom, I can certainly understand a parent's need to celebrate their child.  Still.  Does my kid really need another 20, or more...I dunno...tangible reasons to understand how much he, or she, is loved?

So, in an effort to reinforce the fact that my husband, Garth (not his real name) and I are truly observant and sensitive parents, our standard policy on throwing parties has been one of total avoidance.

Until our kids took matters into their own hands and showed us, a thing, or two!

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Love Thursday: The Leader of the Pack Syndrome


Among the graduations...birthdays...OMG!...the 15th anniversary of my 29th birthday...there are many other milestones our family has reached, recently, that I just haven't had the time (or, energy) to blog about (you're welcome) but, in their own way, are each very special and yet it's hard for me to understand that some may feel our family's triumphs to be horrifyingly mundane, just the same.

Including, my family.

"What do you mean, she's bridging, AGAIN?!?"

Tuesday night, Thing Two (the alarmingly mature-looking 12-year-old, on the right) bridged over with her troop from Juniors to Cadets and celebrated completing her 7th year in Girl Scouts.

"I mean, didn't they just do that, ALREADY?!?"

Yeah, 3 years ago.

[heavy sigh]

"Alright...relax...what time and where?"

My poor husband, Garth (not his real name) after all these years, it's finally come down to this.

"Do I need to pick up anything?"

His life has become one BIG honey-do list.

"Nope, I already stopped and got the cookies."

Aaaand I seemed to have misplaced my Domestic Diva pin...a...long...time...ago.

"WOW, the whole family's here?"

Yeah, I guess it surprises me, too.  A little.  No, they do NOT always get along (I know, act surprised anyway) but, ever since they were young, my husband Garth (not his real name) and I have raised our children as "a pack" and yet, try to empathize with them by letting them know, that we know, being in a family, this big, seems like a burden now.

[knocks on wood until knuckles bleed]

Perhaps, one day, it may mean that there's a better chance that someone's got your back and, as beautiful as the world is, there's always going to be someone, or something, ready to prove us wrong!

"Where's Mini-me?"

My husband had just finished talking with the troop dads (probably bonding over sports, tools, having to show up to these types of things, or something) and was surprised to find our row of metal chairs, one short.

"She's over there."

One of her sister's buddies has a younger sister, who happens to be in Mini-me's Brownie troop, too.

"Aaaand I think she'd be ready to move into their house, by next week."

Brothers and sisters can be tough - especially, so many and just wait until they get older - but, in the end, Thing Two knows that she is lucky we ALL showed up AND on time, too!


One of the other troop moms was making her way through the crowd of parents, came over to me and I instinctively reached out for a hug (I'm one of those, too) but, she grabbed my arm and casually whispered into my ear.

"Did you remember to do ANYTHING for the leaders, this year?"

[eyes go wide]

"Did I mention, we bought cookies?"


No, we are NOT the perfect family (shuddup, Sis) but, we sure as hell look good...especially, when we're together!

Aaaand my husband Garth (not his real name) has finally agreed that I really don't need to crop him out of pictures, anymore, either.

So, what DOES he really look like?

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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: It's Really Not All That Hard, Being Green!


Who knew?  When mowing the lawn (in flip-flops) I would, single-handedly, give a whole new meaning to "going green," with my feet.  Aaaand...YES...I live in the suburbs. So what?  Whoever said you can't wear flip-flops with unpainted toe nails can kiss my hairy toes, too!  Seriously, aren't you just a wee bit jealous?!?


Beware BlogHers, here I (and my skanky-ass toes) come!

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The 7 Words You Can (or) CanNOT Say in My House!


George Carlin died, yesterday and - though, the man seemed to enjoy breaking the boundaries of good taste - his humor never failed to leave me speechless, or gasping for breath and nearly peeing my pants in absolute fits of laughter.  Especially, after having kids (Kegels be darned!) when I found myself empathizing with Mr. Carlin's need to challenge conventional wisdom.

My parents immigrated to the U.S. in 1956 and he learned English from watching old westerns on television and he soon found out that the most successful way to include himself in conversation was by extensive use of..well...curse words.

No, Mr. Carlin's material was definitely NOT family-friendly.  But, it was real and often times hit a very raw nerve - especially, in middle-class America and the furor over his bit about "The Seven Words You Can't Say on Television" is legendary.

Which, inspired me to write a parentally motivated (G) rated list of my own.


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This Full House Gives Back: Cuss, it's for a good cause!


I have a potty mouth.  No, it's NOT a very proud statement.  Is it?  Anyhow, once I became a mom - wow...has it been 14 years, already? - I tried really hard NOT to swear, especially around the kids.

They have this terrible habit of repeating things, you know?

So, as my children got older and their understanding the improper use of vocabulary got bigger, I started a "potty-mouth" jar.  The kids paid 25 cents for each swear word and a dollar was donated for each time one slipped passed mom (or pop) and, let me tell you, I practically paid for our family vacation to Cape May, last year!

Today, we were able to make a rather large donation - with the help of my blogging friends - and I AM PROUD to say that I'm in pretty good company!

Click here to see who's talking smack, now...

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Picture Perfect Thursday: Hotsie-Totsie

Today, I'm playing along with Mrs. Flinger - who insists that licking people is a great way of getting to know someone - so, if you're going to BlogHer, you might want to play along.

Or, roll up your fists and be ready to protect yourself.

Join Me!

Either way, she wants us to be brutally honest in introducing ourselves with some image, some visual SOMETHING, that she (and everyone else) can hold on to?

Here's my story:

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Wordless Wednesday: To you, she's just another face in the crowd.

Faceinthecrowd_2 me...she's the first girl to have ever stolen my heart - look out high school, here she comes - oh, AND no one better mess with my baby!

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