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Make Me Laugh Monday: Baby You Can Ride My Car


All 4 of my kids were great sleepers...NOT!  Except, when it was time to go somewhere (anywhere) I'd pop in a tape (before, cd and dvds) and they would each quickly fall asleep in their carseats.  In fact, this is how my youngest Mini-me (she's 6) spent most of her baby/toddler years - she grew up riding in our minivan!


Except, on this particular ride, Mini-me was very, very cranky and was getting annoyed with her sisters and brother (I know, go ahead and act surprised anyway) so, I allowed her to take part in a little iPod envy (we only have one and it's mine, DAMMIT!) and it took all of about two minutes for her to peacefully drift off to lalalalalala...I can't hear, thanks to the dulcid tones of Josh Grobin.

What - I mean, the boy DOES have a gorgeous voice and a face only a mother (like me) can pinch without getting into too much trouble - why shouldn't it work for Mini-me?

Moving on.

This weekend was crazy busy and we DID spend more time riding in the car, than at home -- don't worry, my SIL offered to walk Doofus-dog -- and it's NOT going to get any easier, either.

So, I stopped to get a cup of coffee and I was mentally going over the next two weeks:

  • Mini-me's birthday - nope, no invitations yet.
  • Thing One's 8th grade graduation and dance - nope, no dress yet.
  • Thing Two's birthday party - nope, still haven't had it and her birthday WAS in December.
  • The Boy's promotion into the next level of elementary schools - yep, having 4 kids in 4 different schools next year IS STUPID!
  • My Father is going in for another procedure - yep, I'll be there.
  • OH SHIT - is it almost Father's Day, already?!?

When I received this instant message from my SIL:


"We eloped!"

She sent it yesterday, but I just got it this morning (stupid Verizon) and, I dunno, the look on Doofus-dog's face, I started to laugh (real hard) and then snorted (real loud) so, I spit coffee all over myself and started choking.

"Ma'am...are you alright?"

I pointed to my cell phone.

"Do you want me to call someone, for you?"

I waved my arms.


I nodded my head...NO...and gave her my cell phone.

"Your want me to call your dog?"

[blank stare]

Yeah, that's it!

Aaaaaand...OH! everyone laughed and laughed!

My friend Jenn is Absolutely Bananas and...OH!...she makes me laugh, too!  Honestly, I probably sound (and look) just like that donkey, up there!


You can read more at Make Me Laugh Monday and they're probably even way more funnier than mine, I'm just sayin'!

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