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Meanwhile, Back at Kamp Kegel - Part II


My friends from Kamp Kegel (generously hosted by Johnson & Johnson for the makers of babies, everywhere) are holding reunions in the form of a weekly post roundup.

Here's what my fellow hair-braiding badge awardees were up to this week - oh AND there are some pretty cool Father's Day giveaways, too:

Mom's Favorite Stuff reviews a classic Father's Day present with a twist !

Pinks & Blues
The ladies at Pinks & Blues name their Top 10 Gifts for Dad this Father's Day!

You Grow Girl!
Leeanthro at Soy is the New Black shows off her new raised garden beds and her daughter's green thumb.

Aaaaand then there's our latest most awesomest (yes, it's a word!) giveaway, EVUH:

Tropical Hello Kitty is in the House
Come on over - we're hosting a giveaway sponsored by Build-a-Bear Workshop!

So, there you have it - we can ALL grab our buckets and go home, now - that pretty much ends this week's edition (cross-posted at Les Review Blog) or what I like to refer to as,  "Notes home from Kamp Kegel."

Have a great weekend, everyone and remember DO YOUR KEGELS!

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