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Mom and Mini-me's Most EXCELLENT Adventure!

I wrote a blog post about Mom-nesia and was recently interviewed for a piece on ABC News (I know; don't understand exactly how that happened) and truly believe that it really DOES exist and the more children you have, the less brain cells you're left with at the end of the day.

They're lucky I remember their names - let alone, their birth dates - I mean, these poor kids have to share EVERYTHING...even me!

Yesterday, Mini-me and I were invited to a private screening of the new Kit Kittredge - An American Girl Movie in New York City (I know; don't know how that could have happened, either!) and, since it was her birthday, we decided it was a terrific way to celebrate her 7th year at the measuring wall and bought two round-trip train tickets into The Big Apple.

That's right, I decided this time, there would ONLY be room for two!


Mini-me finds and reads her first clue for the birthday hunt, at "the measuring wall!"

Oh, the day started out pretty normal.  Mini-me got up at the butt-crack of dawn and found her first clue (yeah, I make them HUNT for their birthday presents) but, this time, she read it out loud and ALL BY HERSELF!


Garth (not his real name) helps Mini-me "measure up" for her 7th Birthday!

She squealed - anything High School Musical 2 is still at the top of her list - quickly, got dressed and then her father marked her, permanently, on our Measuring Wall!


Mini-me and Mom are on their way to the NYC screening of Kit Kittredge - An American Girl Movie!

Then, we boarded our train (at rush hour) and FINALLY sat down ONLY after a nice man gave up his seat so that Mini-me and I could, you know, sit together.

"You MUST be a dad!"

Yeah, he was.


Mini-me is in the screening room awaiting the start of Kit Kittredge - An American Girl Movie!

Then, we took a cab from Penn Station and made the 20+ blocks through the city (thank you, Jesus) to the screening room, where Mini-me wondered why in the heck our living room can't have big comfy seats, like these?


Mini-me, Mom and Tooth Fairy Bear at the screening of Kit Kittredge - ALL BY OURSELVES - in freakin' NYC!

Yeah - me too - so, how was the movie?


Well, when you get the chance, please feel free to read our review here - the movie doesn't open until July 2nd and we've got a great giveaway coming soon, too - don't worry, you've got plenty of time!


Weird guy and Mini-me strike a post for her 7th birthday during a lunch date with mom (ONLY!)

We then spent a leisurely (albeit, a bit spooky) lunch, just around the corner (lucky me!) at the Jekyll and Hyde Club!


Mini-me falls asleep at NY's Penn Station waiting for the train back to Jersey -- yes, it was a GOOD day!

After Mini-me found a place to spend the rest of her birthday money (thank you, Mama and Papa) we hoofed it all the way back to Penn Station (because, the restaurant only took cash, or Amex and I didn't have enough left over for another cab) and, before she passed out with her new best monkey, she uttered:

"This was my most excellent and bestest birthday, ever!"

Aaaand THAT, my friends, was exactly what made this trip...totally worth it!

The End.


In Other News:  This Full House Reviews - Kit Kittredge:  An American Girl Movie

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