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Mommy's Effing Little Meter Reader Gives Back!

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Seriously, I was shocked to hear the high-level of f-bombs my dear sweet Catholic-friend Dana drops on her blog (58.4%, you dirty girl!) and perhaps she would be just as surprised to learn that my blog is a totally filled with crap!

Or, not.

So, I'm going to start my own potty-mouth-jar (just like Dana) and donate $1.00 for each comment I get on this dirty, dirty post.

Shit...cha-ching...see, it's easy...let's raise the roof on the Cuss-O-Meter!

I will keep comments opened all week (ending 5:00 p.m., Friday the 13th) and donate all the money from the loose change (get it?) to our Giving Back Campaign.

I'll take another reading and then repost, with the final results, next week!

Please feel free to tell ALL your blogging friends, damnit...cha-ching...or, I'll have to send my husband Garth (not his real name) out to go all medieval on your ass...cha-ching...m'kay?!?

Edited to Add:  WHOA, what potty-mouthed friends I have - THANK YOU! - please understand, when reading the comments left on this post, that THIS IS FOR CHARITY and perhaps the one (and only) time I've allowed for ANY cursing; in my house, anyway ;o)

[Change in the potty-mouth jar, so far:  $19.00!]

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