Hump Day Diddy Dumbs: Soccer has been very, very weary to me!
Mom and Mini-me's Most EXCELLENT Adventure!

Parenting Tip# 4,721,936: What doesn't kill you, will most certainly grow up and make you cry!


After having run about a bazillion errands, Mini-me and Thing Two pass out on mommy's chair, yesterday!

As with most days, a large portion of my time was spent driving around, or waiting for someone, and running errands for someone else, this week.

What, you too?

So, you MUST know how cranky, tired and frustrated I am feeling right about now - considering, nothing that I actually WANTED to do, got done - and, as my kids get older, it doesn't get ANY better!

Such is life - especially, if you are a parent - and if you've got a couple of kids (like me) well, let's just say that my husband, Garth (not his real name) and I have learned to just live in the moment.

Even if it kills us!


We didn't have to shop long before Thing one found "the perfect dress" (thank you, Jesus) as for me, at $23.00, it was love at first sight!

One moment, she's running barefoot in the mud and chasing butterflies through the backyard - then, she goes and grows up, finishes the 8th grade and is old enough to attend her first formal dance!


Happy 7th Birthday, early - her birthday is really Monday (6/16) but, Mini-me and I are leaving town (just the two of us) and we'll have a great BIG surprise to blog about!

One moment, she's born and once again teaches you to see the world with wide-eyed wonder - then, she goes and grows up, and helps you by baking the cupcakes for her baby sister, as she finishes the year out and celebrates another birthday, as a grader!


The Boy bonding with his favorite uncle, Bud!

One moment, you're a skinny little kid with skinned-up knees, who simply can't wait to spend the summer climbing trees with your brother - then, he grows up, starts wearing crew socks with his slippers and is teaching your son!


You wanna make a memory?

Like footprints in the sand, these ARE the moments I live for - times when life steps in and forces you to make a memory - and soon, they'll be washed away and I can't help and feel as if there's something, way down deep inside that no one else can see, that's dying a little, too!

Until, the next moment and I start living again.


I know, but the Doofus INSISTS he's a lap dog!

Have a great weekend, everyone and - if anyone needs me - I'll be upstairs, asleep, because there's someone sleeping in my chair and my husband and our 90 lb. Doofus-dog have pretty much taken up the entire couch, dammit!

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