Three things you should NEVER talk about while on a family vacation!
BlogHer 2008: The Arrival

I'm going because BlogHer is working for ME, now!


I love this picture - it was taken during an evening excursion on the Navy Pier and sampling of some mighty fine fried dough during the BlogHer Conference in Chicago, last summer - and this is, like, the third time I've taken the liberty of showing the Internets....Dana grabbing my ass!


We were being careful - because, you know that this sort of act can get you arrested in some states - and were vigilant about keeping our clothes on for pretty much the entire time.

Even, when we slept together!

NO...quit it...not like that...we were roomies.  Besides, she really slept with Elizabeth and I shared a bed with Shannon...and...oh, STOP IT!

What IS your problem?

No, not you - I'm talking about me - okay, maybe you...way in the back...who is just DYING to hear about the latest poop and controversy.  Though it sounds like a great title for a blog (yes, you may have it) you won't find any outrageous behavior from me.

Unless, someone grabs my ass and there happens to be a BlogHer (or, Him) holding a camera, nearby.

So, why am I going to BlogHer 2008?

Well...last year...the answer to that question was pretty simple - to meet other bloggers:

"They've allowed me to escape into a private little world - though, quite undeservedly named and rather unpleasant to the ear - blogging has simply become a refuge from, you know, the average, every day, same old-same old."

This time, it's a lot more than that.

I've been blogging for nearly 5 years, now and been very fortunate (okay, DAMNED LUCKY) to have been offered opportunities that I know, FOR DAMNED SURE, would never have crossed my radar, in real life.

You see, they've created a monster.

I've got goals - real, down to earth and honest things I want to do with my blog - and I'm paying BlogHer good money to give me the stuff I need (oh, like information and inspiration) to help me REACH those goals!

So, in essence, I guess you can say that the conference organizers have quite a big job ahead of them and are totally, you know, working for me now!

Yes, it's damned expensive and NO we certainly can't afford it - between gas, food and fabric softener, the credit card companies are totally loving that my family is, you know, financing their vacations - but, I decided to look at it as a very sound investment.

In myself.

So, you guys better do a good job.  Because, I just told my 4 kids that they can't come...for the ten-thousandth time...and now the 2 youngest have totally strapped themselves around my ankles.

What's a mother to do?

[heavy sigh]

I had to tell them that, you know, kids aren't allowed.

[cracks knuckles and blows bangs out of eyes]

Don't make me tell on you!


Aaaaand, while I'm busy puking on the plane (San Francisco is a loooooong way from New Jersey) I've got some pretty good reading lined up for yous.

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