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BlogHer 2008 - The Big Link

[8/15/08 Edited to Add: I borked-up my blog and accidentally disappeared ALL comments - sorry, if I lost yours - because, I am A DORK!]

By the time you read this, the kids and I will be knee-deep in raspberries, sweating our collective asses off and dodging yellow jackets (stupid bees) in some God-forsaken field in New Jersey.

Sounds like fun - it was my Aunt's idea, she's Hungarian, you know - wanna come?


That's okay.  I understand.  But, just when you thought it was safe (damn, I can't believe she's still talking about this) I give you fifty-four-eleventy-or-so reasons why I'm SO GLAD that I decided to (and everyone else, should) go to BlogHer.

I met these women.  Some of them, men.  We traded cards.  I even slept with a few of them.  Not the men.  The rest is history.  So, here they are.  In no particular order, since it's early...and I haven't fired up the coffee maker...because, I don't want to wake anyone else up...NOT YET!

The taglines alone should make you want to run to their blogs and lick them!

(*) No tagline listed - so, I went on ahead and made one up for you ;o)

merlotmom...because sometimes the regular grapes just won't do.

Mama Loves...I peed on myself...And immediately went home to blog it.

WMAG...working moms against guilt.

Plain Jane Mom...Apparently I'm a mommy blogger.

Andrea's Recipes..."What's for dinner, Mom?"  Food.  Good Food.

Believer In Balance...Work Life Balance with a Home Based Business.

Socal Mom...Be it ever so messy, there's no place like home.

Crunchy Carpets...Clean socks are a privilege, not a right.

The Dana Files...where current events aren't clouded by baby powder.

(*)Of The Princess and The Pea...dysfunctionally ever after we have lived since.

(*)The Redheaded Lefty...You'll find a lot of displaced aggression here, too.

Mayberry Mom...Raising Opie and his sister in the most wholesome town in America.

Cool Moms Rule...Perfect moms need not apply.

(*)Poot and Cubby...Yes, they ARE totally cute and cuddly.

Crash Test Mommy...Evidence for my insanity plea.

Busy Mom Blog...Better parenting through coffee.

5 Resolutions...These are our five simple resolutions for promoting healthy beauty and fashion.

A Parent in Silver Spring...A fun, free community resource, served with a side of humor.

Zip'n'Tizzy...[No tagline needed - just, check out her masthead!]

Mommy Bits...One moms attempt to document life in the testosterone-filled jungle she calls home.

Cook4Seasons...Promoting a healthy appetite for a thriving planet.

Blogging Basics 101...Where there are no stupid questions.

Teens Today...Exposing the Net Generation - A Gen Y Perspective on Teens and Parents.

Watch me! No, watch me!...[Love her blog title; needs no tagline!]

(*)Loralee's Looney Tunes...Being THE dork is quite a lot of pleasure, actually.

Tacky Princess...In a perfect world, you can have it all - so, where's my perfect world?

White Trash Mom...Faking it for the bake sale.

Drums N Whistles...[She's Karoli; 'nuf said!]

The Spohrs Are Multiplying...raising a baby and insurance premiums.

The Marketing Eggspert...Marketing in a Web 2.0 world.

Petroville...Trying to use my powers for good.

Pundit Mom...Having an opinion never goes out of style.

Rockin Mama...[She's got one of the prettiest business cards]

Apron Strings Aflutter...One mother's tale. [snicker}

Velveteen Mind...Relish the velveteen.  Revel in the threadbare.  Life of a mom articulate.

Table4Five...Taking it one day at a time since 1996 [I mean, everybody knows Elizabeth, yes?]

Silicon Valley Moms Group...[These are my sisters in writing; check out the Summer Parties 08 pics!]

Play Groups Are No Place For Children...[Winner of best blog title, EVUH!]

Oh, there were others.  Lots more.  I didn't grab their cards.  Just, hugged them.  And made them feel, you know, creepy.  It's okay.  I understand.  If you met me (especially, if you slept with me) then you probably already know.  I am a total dork. 

Then, I met these beautiful people doing lots of good things:

Homeless Prenatal Program - Ending Family Homlessness - San Francisco (as well as the rest of the country) needs someone like Susan Arthur on their side!

Ester Lim - She's worked with bloggers from the beginning...even before it was cool, or not!

Lindsey Grossman - She's the Marketing Coordinator and her daughter is the creator of Raggs (a popular and entertaining children's television series) on PBS, that is currently NOT available in our listings, here in New Jersey. 


Tim Ronan - Did you know that Primo Water's bottles are made from plants (not crude oils) and that, if you recycle, there's no guarantee that the plastics make it to the recycling plant...evuh?

Okay, that's it; I think.

If you need me, I'll be knee-deep in raspberries and, well, you know.

Stupid bees!

[Edited to Add:  I've just been told that yellow jackets are NOT bees.  So, what are they?  Well, my husband Garth (not his real name) doesn't know the exact biological term.  But, they are NOT bees and I am apparently...a wise-ass!]

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