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Hot Links of The Week: 7/28/08


The kids and I are aunt-sitting, today -- my dad's youngest sister is visiting from Hungary and she's graciously accepted to stay with US for a few days and HAS exclusive use of our couch -- so, I'm surprising her with a visit to a local spa for some much-deserved pampering (hers, not mine) and trading in a couple of gift cards I got for my birthday.

Because, I roll like that.

Got some great blogging-type-stuff in the, telling you about some great causes I've joined, a couple of trips to NYC and expanding/revamping our family blog project...but, while I brush up on my Hungarian, here's some OTHER stuff you might like:

On Teens Today:  I had the pleasure of meeting Vanessa Van Petten at BlogHerCon 2008, author of "You're Grounded!" and keeper of one of the best resources for parents AND teens!

This Full House Reviews:  Safety Caps - A Dad Inventor's safe solution to standard-size safety plugs!

This Full House Kids:  Jonas Brothers - Just a couple of kids from Jersey!

Our Latest Giveaway:  Care Bears Baby Gift Package ends tomorrow (Tues. 7/29) at 5:00 p.m.!

In the meantime, if you need me, the kids and I will be hanging out in some calmly-decorated reception area, listening to very sleepy music and consuming all the fresh fruit and lemon water, that we possibly can, do doubt!

Did I mention, food shopping for 6 can get, you know, really EXPENSIVE!?!?

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