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Three things you should NEVER talk about while on a family vacation!

Gone Fishing - Will Be Back Soon, or NOT!


Sand, surf and sharks...OH MY!

I'm flipping over the "gone fishing" fishing sign, as Mini-me's Godparents have invited us down to beautiful Cape May, NJ for a couple of days of fun in the sun (hopefully, if the weather holds out) and the kids and I are more than happy totally fill up the bedrooms at their beach house!

In the meantime - while we're off digging in the surf, chasing tiny little sand crabs and jumping some of the best waves on the east coast, taking loads of pictures...oh...AND eating tons of the most AWESOMEST (yes, it's a word!) boardwalk food that is ALSO probably really, really, bad for us, too - please, kick off your shoes and stay a while.

I've got some pretty good reading lined up, for you, too:

SV Mom Bloggers Summer Road Trip '08:  Five selected contributors from SV Moms Group will begin blogging and video blogging (vblogging) about their upcoming road trip from Virginia, DC, Chicago and Loveland (via New Jersey, or New York just didn't work out, maybe next year?) to their final destination, the BlogHer Conference in San Francisco!

BlogHer Community Keynote:  I am SO excited about this; the closing keynote for Day One of the conference will be live blog readings from the BlogHer community itself.  20 posts will be chosen to be read - a virtual BlogHerpalooza - and I'm dying to hear who's reading, know..I've submitted one of my posts, too.  They're supposed to announce it, tomorrow (7/8/08) so, cross your fingers!

New Jersey Moms Blog:  Speaking of BlogHer - are you going?  If so, EXCELLENT!  Then, if you also happen to be a Mom, I wrote a song...just for you!

Growing Pains:  I've got a monthly column at the Imperfect Parent (I know, I don't know how THAT happened, either) and July's article, "No More Trips to Disney, For You!" is up and, today!

Fun stuff, right?


I'll be back on Friday and should have some really cool pictures for you, too - unless we win the lottery and decide to stay, or I happen to break my camera...AGAIN - so, please feel free to DE-LURK and leave a comment.


I love coming home and finding cool stuff in the mail.


Because, you know, I am a DORK!  Besides, you can always tell me just how much you really, really miss me.


Because, NOT only does my Dorkiness total strangers feel much, much better about themselves (you're welcome!)  I make other parents look real good, too ;o)

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