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BlogHer 2008: East Meets West and All The Rest

BlogHer 2008: The Arrival


Park your trolley, here.

Last week, right before leaving for BlogHerCon 2008 in San Francisco, I wrote down some of the reasons why I decided to attend - leaving out the fact that I forgot to mention it to my husband, Garth (not his real name) but, it's okay, because, he found out when we got the credit card bill, the next month - and  STILL went!


If that's NOT a radical mommyblogging act, then I don't know what is and who knew it was going to be so COLD in San Francisco, anyway?!?!

I've slept 2 of the 24 hours since I've been home - the jet is totally kicking my lag - so, I trust that you'll excuse me for burping up the details of BlogHer, this week.

Shannon and I met at the airport in Newark (yeah, I'm from Jersey, SO WHAT!) and spent the next 6 hours catching up from last year's conference.


Westin, St. Francis

We arrived to the Westin, St. Francis early Thursday afternoon and before Donna (a.k.a. the ever popular party girl and MOMocrat) so, as per Donna's instructions, we checked in and requested to be put into "the tower."

Because, she has slept at this hotel before (no, not with me) and...well...she's SoCal Mom!

"Excuse me, but can you tell me where I can find this room?"

I pointed to the key card, realizing that the room numbers didn't go as high, and the housekeeper just sort of...you know...looked at me as if I were from Jersey, or something.

"No...no...no...this across the street."


"Tower across the street!"

Oh, man it was like Chicago...all...over...again!

"But, the conference is here!"

[shrugs shoulders]

"You go across the street!"


"Excuse me, but why are we sleeping across the street?"

So, the really, really cute registration Dude [Hi, Alex!] sort of...you know...pretends he doesn't know...that I know...you know...I don't know what the hell I'm talking about.

"Uh, Ma'am, I don't believe Lefty O'Doul's has bedrooms."

I know and don't call me Ma'am!

Long story short (you're welcome) "the tower" could be reached by taking a separate set of elevators, right behind the Concierge's desk, that stopped on random floors, for no apparent reason, and then go really, really fast.


"Did I mention that I have this terrible fear of heights?"


"Aaaaand I'm... you know...claustrophobic?"

Still, Momsational agreed to sleep with me, anyway - so, we dropped our bags in the room and then Donna came in and we took dibs on the beds.

"I call the wall!"

Because, I hate heights and sleeping by the window - not to mention, the fact that we were 9 floors up from the ground - would have haunted me all night.

"Look, this bathroom has a door!"

Unlike, the louvered sliding deals at the W, last year, that offered a gal very little, or no privacy, whatsoever!

"Oh, but where's the fan."

Seriously, mirrors do fog up and it's a bitch to put on makeup when you can't..you know...see what you're smudging!

"Look, it's Jenn...oh, and Busy Mom!"

They were probably tired, too - but, weren't fast enough to get away - silly women.

"Giiiiirl, ya'ahl-most put mah eye out!"

Did you know that we're almost related (no, really) and that both of these fine women write for Deep South Moms?


Photo via:  Phat Mommy, with permission!

So, after Donna nearly killed me on a walking tour of almost ALL of freakin' San Francisco (more on that, later) we met up with the rest of the Silicon Valley Moms Group and headed over (or, down, as in Donna's case) to the cocktail party at Slide - a speak easy during prohibition- appropriately, enough!

We got back into the hotel at...um...it was still dark...but, then woke up at the butt-crack of dawn to prepare for the real reason I decided to go to San Francisco, in the first place.


San Francisco Giants Stadium

Aaaand it wasn't JUST for the free food, booze or attending my first professional baseball game, partaking in fabulous makeovers, or awesome shopping trips, either - although, I did have to buy a scarf - who knew it would be so cold?

[....to be continued]

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