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Love means never having to explain your tattoo!

It's official, I'm semi-permanently inked with a pair of man boobs! Recently, I had the good fortune (read: how in the hell did that happen) of being invited to an event hosted by the Discovery Channel in New York City, where the kids and I got to check out all the new cool toys and gadgets available at the Discovery Store, for the holidays. "They must have heard that you're a Discovery Whore!" At least that's what my husband, Garth (not his real name) likes to call me and my good friend Kate, anyways. So, I schlepped the 4 kids,... Read more →

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Controversy in the Mom Blogging Community - What, NOT again?

My husband started his vacation this week and - although, he had to "pop" into work for a few hours this afternoon - the kids and I have him...all to ourselves...for the next 2 weeks! I mean, working with a bunch of women, the man can SURE use a break. Trust me, I'm a woman, I know and can barely stand it, mah-own-self. Put a bunch of women together, in the same room, without any bean dip, Cheetos or soothing libations won't take us very long to find out exactly whose hormones are, you know, the strongest. Add a... Read more →

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