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Blog the Recession Month - Helping my fellow bloggers out, one click at a time!

[8/15/08 Edited to Add: I borked-up my blog and accidentally disappeared ALL comments - sorry, if I lost yours - because, I am A DORK!]

I was so busy trying to squeeze every bit of low-tech fun out of summer that I possibly could, while staying away from using the car, too much and trying NOT to drive my kids, too hard (or, anywhere for that matter) I almost missed this one!

Did you know it's Blog the Recession Month?

Brainchild of Kristen from Motherhood Uncensored (you know, she's pretty) and it's pretty simple (thank you, Kristen!):

  1. Make the "pledge" to visit each and everyone of your bloggy-friends listed on your blogroll, or feed reader, for the entire month of August.
  2. Click through to the blog and nose around, a little, to their older posts, even.
  3. You don't have to leave a comment, though they ARE always very nice to give, as well as receive, damnit!


Extra page views can really make a big difference for those bloggers who could use some help.

[raises hand]

Or, gives a giant boost to their self-esteem.

[raises other hand]

But, is it too late?


At our house, you're never too late!

[raises eyebrows]

Except, breakfast...um...lunch...okay, getting them to eat an entire meal, at the same time, is almost impossible...I hate that...also, being charged for REDBOX videos without a final warning, heads up, or anything...and perhaps we may have missed a couple of library books...or, getting the garbage to the curb...you know...on time...oh, and my menstrual cycle has been a bit spotty, lately.

[sound of crickets]

Okay, I may be a little late jumping on the bandwagon and everything.  So what?  I'm STILL doing it - because, it is NEVER too late - especially, if it means sharing something nice to help a friend!

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