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Motherhood may not always be beautiful, sometimes it's pretty freakin' GLAMOROUS!

[10/20/08:  Wanna read all about my adventures in Hollywood?   Visit, Glamour Reel Moments:  When Mom Bloggers Unite - Day 1 and Just Another Mom's View From the Red Carpet - Day 2]

Funny thing, motherhood is.  There are times when it comes easily.  Simple little moments of joy and peace that goes along with nurturing a family I have spent nearly all of my childhood dreaming of.  Then there are days when I'm, literally, tearing my hair out and desperately searching for the nearest exit.

First, there was the thing with my dad (his recovery is going well, thank goodness!) then my eye doctor found something "funky" show up on a couple of tests.

"It could be nothing, or it could be serious."

Okay, being a glass is half-full kind of gal, I'm thinking...nothing...and then he goes and makes an "emergency appointment" with a specialist, the next day.

"But, serious would be, you know, really, really bad."

Then, walking around and pretending like it's nothing.

"It's NOT serious, just let me write down a couple of notes and then I'll tell you why."

A-a-aand then, spending the next couple of minutes, thanking your lucky stars and thinking of a thousand ways you could have done things better.

Last week, in a nutshell, totally nutty!

A-a-aand, just when I thought things couldn't get, you know, any worse...well...something pretty freakin' AWESOME happens (oh, I dunno, like being invited to Hollywood) and I just hope I don't puke ALL over Scribbit's new red leather peep toe platform pumps!

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Six Easy Steps to Surviving Back-to-School Night

Personally, I know a lot of parents who look forward to attending their child(ren)'s back-to-school night and see it as either a joyful escape out...alone...without the kids, or an important ritual marking the beginning of a new school year and not to be missed under any circumstances.

However, I am NOT one of them.

Having 4 kids attending 4 different schools, this year (yes, in the same town) I feel it safe to say that its starts to feel old after a while (like me) and, quite frankly, I could think about a million other things to do OTHER than leaning against a cement block wall, in a standing-room only crowd of people, and listening to the same thing, over and over again.

Even the laundry starts to look good  and just thinking of ALL those parent/teacher conferences is enough to make me want to hang onto summer, just a little longer.

[kicks calendar under desk]

This year, however, I've got a freshman in high school.


And I told my husband, Garth (not his real name) that we HAVE to go and, for you OTHER newbies, I came up with these Six Steps to Surviving Back-to-School Night:

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Wordless Wednesday: Autumn Clouds


When fall comes, kicking summer out on its treacherous ass ... it stays awhile like an old friend that you have missed. It settles in the way an old friend will settle into your favorite chair and take out his pipe and light it and then fill the afternoon with stories of places he has been and things he has done since last he saw you. ~ Stephen King, Salem's Lot

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Delurking is DeLovely!

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"I Hate You" - It's totally personal!

My husband had to work this weekend, so I spent the majority of Saturday sitting on the sidelines and watching my kids play soccer - not to mention, counting my blessings, thankful that my two oldest, you know, don't play - and, when Mini-me was through, I dragged my chair over to the other side of the soccer fields to watch the second-half of The Boy's game.

"I'm going to kick your ass!"

[eyes go wide]

My head whipped around, so fast, and - judging by the look of the OTHER mom's face -  I'm pretty sure that my voice may have changed from the force!


[nodding head]

"He just told your son that he was going to kick his ass."

That's what I thought he said.

"Hey, Number-Eleventy...the mouth...there's no ass-kicking in soccer!"

Later, I come to find out that my kid wasn't the only one being picked on - most of the defensive players were being, you know, offensive - and that Number-Eleventy was pretty much used to talking trash on the baseball field AND basketball court, as well.

"Remember, in one ear and out the other!"

Our team's coach did a really good job of addressing the unsportsman-like behavior exhibited on the field (the entire game, I hear) however, The Boy took it to heart and I can't say as I blame him, either.

"I hate you!"

Because, this weekend is the first time that my 9-year-old son said he hated me's tearing me apart.

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Martha, Martha, Martha


Did you see it?  You know The Blogging Show on Martha Stewart, yesterday?  Did you see me?  Yeah, I was there.  Got all dressed up (i.e. no pajamas allowed) brushed my teeth and everything to schlep all the way into the city, from Jersey.  Stood on line behind Mario Bozquez, shook his hand and - when one of Martha's producers thought I was actually a radio personality, I introduced myself as, "Liz Thompson and you probably don't know me, either."

[blank stare]

So, what's Martha like in person?

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Wordless Wednesday: Doghouse Bouquet


This was left on my doorstep, the other day.


To tell you the truth, I was slightly disappointed.  Still, I have to admit, someone came up with a pretty slick ad campaign - I wonder what her name is?

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Junior Chefs of America: A cooking show Q&A session with real kids, too!


Meet the Jr. Chefs of America on Good Morning America (9/24) and as they participate in a Q&A session with my kids!

Growing up with Hungarian parents, I was one of the few kids in school who knew how to cook, or was used to eating, what other families typically threw away - like, eating the marrow out of soup bones - ironically, our "peasant-style" cooking is what most chefs would consider as delicacies, today.

My kids, not so much.

Frankly, if it's not microwavable, served on anything but white bread, or covered in cheese, they probably won't eat it.


Yeah, I'm afraid that giving in to picky-eater-syndrome has taken it's toll and, just once, my husband and I would love for them to sit down and actually enjoy ONE meal, together!

So, every Friday, I'm making the kids cook US dinner.

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