Wordless Wednesday: Doghouse Bouquet
"I Hate You" - It's totally personal!

Martha, Martha, Martha


Did you see it?  You know The Blogging Show on Martha Stewart, yesterday?  Did you see me?  Yeah, I was there.  Got all dressed up (i.e. no pajamas allowed) brushed my teeth and everything to schlep all the way into the city, from Jersey.  Stood on line behind Mario Bozquez, shook his hand and - when one of Martha's producers thought I was actually a radio personality, I introduced myself as, "Liz Thompson and you probably don't know me, either."

[blank stare]

So, what's Martha like in person?

Couldn't tell you, Martha's secret service wouldn't let anyone get close enough, understandably.  The woman is really, really famous and her bouncers were very, very scary looking.


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The view from the nosebleed seats - I was surprised to see Martha take direction, very well and there was always someone, shooshing her hair, or telling her what to do.  She took it all in stride and even bopped to the songs piped through the studio during commercial breaks.

She loves what she does and it shows.


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Here's the picture I took, of Jenn (we recently worked on a back-to-school promotion, together) and Melissa (a fellow New Jersey Mom Blogger) with Jenn's camera, because...um...I don't have one.


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Just about everyone had their laptops and were either live-blogging, or Twittering the show - except for Me, of course!


Besides, getting screwed by Dell - my laptop's battery was on the recall list and they never sent me a new one in time and now the warranty has expired - no worries, Martha's people asked me to bring my laptop, anyway, insisting that we could, you know work it out.

Well, they couldn't - it's a show about "blogging" and there's no place to plug in, are you serious? - so, I had to fake-blog the show and try not look too much like a DORK.

Until, Perez Hilton showed up and, along with sharing some blogging tips, I found out that this celebrity blogger gets 9 million hits, per day!

So, I'm tapping into my inner-5-year-old and NOT linking to him, on purpose!


Martha insisted on knowing how much money Perez Hilton made blogging (he uses Blogads and...just so you know...I am STILL waiting for a sponsor, yeah I know, good luck with that) when he refused to give in and asked Martha how much she made, she said that anyone could look up her financial information.

[one beat, two beats]

"Are those figures accurate?"

Okay, maybe Perez Hiltion isn't so bad.

Martha next baked cookies with Matt Bites, but didn't share any.

Martha talked political blogging with Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin and called Sarah Palin...Sharon...by mistake...then, was admittedly very embarrassed when her staff corrected her and, ironically, I started feeling much, much better.

Martha compared flea market finds with Eddie Ross, as if?

Martha discussed garden no-nos with A Way to Garden - frogs good, gnomes are bad!


Aaaaand, then everyone in the audience got a free HP Photosmart All-in-One wireless printer, but really wanted the cool Canon cameras awarded to Martha's staff...except me...even though I don't have a digital camera...but, my printer is old AND broken, of course.

Thank you, Martha!


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My most favorite part - a long, leisurely lunch with awesome women, like (clockwise from the left) Amy at Filming in Brooklyn, Lollie from Deep South Moms and her very sweet friend..oh, that's me...sitting with my New Jersey Mom Blog sistahs, Debbie from Jersey Bites and Vanessa, a.k.a. Chefdruck Musings.

My not so favorite part - advertised as a show, "...with some of the Internet's most prolific and popular bloggers" and not one mom blogger mentioned among the bunch.

No, I'm not one of them - but, I happen to know where you can find some - Martha, Martha, Martha, we've gotta talk!

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