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Book Club Time: SV Moms Group Discussion - The White Trash Mom Handbook


I had the pleasure of working alongside authors Michelle Lamar and Molly Wendland with Disney's, so I was very excited to have finally had the chance to meet them both, in person, at the BlogHerCon '08.

Michelle made me snort Appletinis through my nose, 'nuf said!

Then, I got a copy of their book and was honored to be included in the White Trash Mom campaign for the Parent Bloggers Network.

Ain't nothing trashy about it.

Taken with a sense of humor, The White Trash Mom Handbook is a refreshing respite to anyone who's ever battled with baking from scratch, or felt guilty for not signing up for the class trip, or taken to screening your calls, even though you are a stay-at-home mom and probably could have arranged [cough, cough] to be available.

[raises hand]

Please, clean off a chair and stay a while, feel free read my review:  The White Trash Mom Handbook - She's less than perfect, but she's okay.

But, wait - there's more - we're also discussing the book over at the Silicon Valley Moms Group blogs and -- especially, if you haven't read it yet -- you're more than welcome to join me there, too!

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