Wordless Wednesday: Dreamweaver
The Responsibility Project: Because, parents (like me) need a real good kick in the head, sometimes!

Love Thursday: That Cat Who Lived

Buck Beak (named after one of Hagrid's many pets in the Harry Potter series) is 3 years old.  We nearly lost him, 6 months ago, due to a genetic disorder and (after spending 1 week in critical care) we couldn't pay for the surgery that would, ultimately, save his life.

Until, the most awesome vet in the world stepped in and, taking stock in the pleas of his equally wonderful staff, offered to treat Bucky, pro bono!

Cats.  Some people simply can't live without them and others don't understand the attraction.  Either way, pets can bring out the best (and worst) in their human counterparts.

A very special cat, indeed!

Happy Love Thursday, everyone!

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