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New Jersey Mom Blog Launch Party - The Recap!

As most of you may (or, may not) know, I am a Jersey Girl (born and raised, bay-bee) and I feel very honored to be able to contribute to the Silicon Valley Moms Group of blogs for the, you guessed, New Jersey Moms Blog.

New Jersey Moms Blog launched in March of 2008 (in fact, mine was the  inaugural post, "So, You From Joisey?) but, you can read more about us, here!

I had the extreme pleasure (along with my friend, Vanessa) of organizing the New Jersey Moms Blog Launch Party (that's a copy of the program and, YAH, I made it!) sponsored by Graco and very graciously hosted by Gold Medal Impressions Gallery (Hi, Mr. Druckman!) in lovely Princeton Junction, New Jersey!

No easy task (right, Vanessa?) because, there's like so many of us and New Jersey is, you know, really, really big.

Bet you didn't know that, huh?

Seriously, we're talking about a 200 mile radius (from north to south) and then there's all those lakes, hills and farmlands jammed in between.

Who knew, it would rain like a BITCH!?!?

Seriously, at one point, the weather report indicated that we were on a "tornado watch" but, I was too busy unloading lots of boxes of prettiful things, to worry about having to make room to, you know, hide in a closet.


I mean, they were sent by some of our equally attractive and super generous sponsors to include in our gift bags, with compliments.


Which, one of our many pets - namely, the cat who lived - promptly took over and claimed as his very own!

Stupid cat.

What was in those boxes, anyway?

Hair and skin products from
Fabulous cleansing sponges from
Coupons for treats from Cocoa Puffs and
Skin care items from Palmer's
Savoring the Moment gift bags from
Gift cards and eco-friendly bags (used to hold all the pretties) from
Digital thermometer from
A choice of a free sports print from our host,

All of the attendees went home with one of, I gave everything to my mom, since I already had the pleasure of working with a lot of the corporate sponsors (thankyouverymuch!) this year.

[eyes go wide]

Well...okay, not the photo of Plaxico Burris, running and scoring the winning touchdown for the Giants, during our favorite team's improbable win of Super Bowl XLII.

So there!

Nope, Mr. Druckman (he owns Gold Medal Impressions) sent it home with very explicit instructions:

"Puh-leeze, with all those girls running around in the house, the boy needs something!"

Aaaand, you were right, Mr. Druckman.


So there!

[sound of crickets chirping]

Aaaanyway, I was sad to see that some of our moms couldn't make it (really bad weather and being a mom will do that, sometimes) but, I was very happy to be able to FINALLY meet some of my fellow bloggers!

[waves to Amber, Cate, Emily, Fiona, Jill, Lois, Lori, Lynette, Mary Kate, Monica, Shannon, Shelli, Stacey, Suzette, and Theta, who chose a really awesome print of the Great Wall of China, not to mention, she walked it!]


Oh, and I also got to hang out with Vanessa (ick, that's me!) Melissa and Jenn, again.  I met all three of these lovely ladies at the Martha Stewart Show about bloggers!

Each of us had a chance to enjoy an on site head, neck and foot massage (yeah, I even took my shoes off and everything) complete low-lighting and tranquil spa-type music being piped through the pleasure room the one of the many comfy rooms of the art gallery.


Phat Mommy is enjoying getting her very prettiful feets done!

Vanessa is working on a recap of posts over at New Jersey Moms Blog and I'll add more photos - as my other mom blog friends post their recaps and I, you know, borrow theirs - because, although I was surprised to have remembered everything I was supposed to do, bring and actually make it, to the party, in one piece (you're welcome, Vanessa) I did manage to forgot my camera.

I know, act surprised anyway!

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