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Press Release: This Full House Partners with the ESRB in Helping Parents Make a Choice - Because, we are all, by any practical definition of the words, fallible and capable of error.


Remember, the other day, when I announced (in a very, oh, I dunno, 2001: A Space Odyssey, sort of way) that something wonderful was going to happen?

Well, I am very excited to (finally) be able to share the latest project that the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) and I have been working on, together, for the past few weeks.

Did I mention, they came to my house, we broke bread (together) and then filmed me and ALL four of my kids, about some really great online tools to help parents (like me) figure out, you know, just what in the heck is in all those video games all the cool kids are playing, these days, anyways -- here's the offical press release -- wanna see the video?

Liz Thompson - Mother of 4 children - yep, that's me (in all of my UN-photogenic glory) and my gorgeous kids (seriously) you see shopping at our local Game Stop.  The video is only a about a minute long (thank you, ESRB!) but, my sound bite DID make it in at the end!  Here's the direct link to the video on YouTube!

Like I told my husband, Garth (not his real name) I don't know how THAT happened, either...other, most of the cool things I get into, it all started with an email:

"ESRB will be coming out with new and better information about game content and age appropriateness very shortly. To announce exactly what this new information will entail, ESRB is looking to do an event in  New York City at one of their retailers (Toys R Us, Best Buy, etc) during the weeks of November 10 – 17..."

Riiiiight - most of my mom blogging friends have heard similar pitches, before - but, here's the thing:

"Given your kids’ interest in video games and your approval of them (saw your quote in July about the GameStop blog tour), we’d like to invite you and your children to be present at and play a role in the launch event."

In an effort to promote complete transparency (because, I roll like that) I have done promotional work with this particular p.r. firm, before -- yes, and they STILL call me -- I also end up calling in a few favors (I have been known to lose sleep over carpooling and childcare issues) and try to attend mom blog events that I feel would provide some really useful stuff, I can then (hopefully) pass along to readers, or perhaps can help make life a little easier for families, like mine.

"How much are they paying you?"

Um...nothing...and I can't say as I blame my husband, Garth (not his real name) for being skeptical.

"But, it'll be a great experience for the kids!"

Seriously, we live in a quiet little suburban town, in Jersey (except, for the sound of exploding laundry) nothing exciting like this happens here, EVER, and it's not like we have film crews busting down our front door, or anything.

"Why, yes, I am allergic to cats, why?"

Okay, so I should have probably asked them, sooner,

"Don't worry, I vacuumed everything and it's just like Thanksgiving."

Seriously, my house was THAT clean and probably one of the only things that I really look forward to, during the holidays!

"Well, yes, we sort of can STILL hear the dog barking."

UGH, stupid sound checks and did I mention that we've already got 6 people, living in a 7 room house -- things can get sort of, I dunno, tight -- on this particular day, there were 5 more and they bought all their ridiculously expensive film equipment, with them?

"Don't worry, we've got a big backyard, I can move him further back!"

[pop, bang, pop, bang]

"Well, now, that would be the freezer and there's nothing I can do about'cause, it's broken."

[sound of crickets chirping]

"Don't worry, it'll, in a few minutes."

Suffice it to say, it was a long day -- seriously, it took 6 hours to shoot, what would eventually be edited down to, about a 2 minute b-roll -- but, the ESRB people were very professional and super kind to me (and the kids) and I have nothing less than the utmost respect for their patience.

"Of course, if I had 4 kids, I don't think they would be as well behaved as yours!"

Yep, this was a first for everyone!

[hack, hack, hack, SPEW]

"Don't worry, that's just one of the cats, coughing up another hair ball!"

Seriously, hanging out with us (a.k.a. This Full House) is pretty much as real as life gets -- guess that's why they, you know, asked me to work with them in the first place -- you just can't, you know, make this stuff up!

Final verdict?

Taken from the official press release:

“As a mom of four young gamers, I rely on the ESRB ratings and content descriptors to help me determine which games are a good fit for my family. The new rating summaries will be an even greater help by providing additional information that reveals more about why specific games received the rating they did. As a parent they will better allow me to keep an eye out for the types of content that I would prefer my kids not be exposed to.”

Aaaand, you can quote me on that!

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