Love Thursday: That Cat Who Lived
Do you know what video games your kids are playing?

The Responsibility Project: Because, parents (like me) need a real good kick in the head, sometimes!

Ever have one of those days?  When things just don't go right and you can't seem to find the strength to even, you know, get out of the shower.

Yeah, me too.

Then, you come across something that makes you really think (dammit) and, not only that, it inspires you to believe in the magic and healing powers of the human spirit.


Then, you have GOT to check out "Tony," written and directed by Academy Award-nominee Grant Heslov (co-owner with George Clooney of Smoke House Pictures) for Liberty Mutual’s Responsibility Project.


See what I mean?

What, don't have the time to watch it?  No worries.  Come back, when you do.  Trust me, you'll be real glad that you did and perhaps even see it as the best 13 minutes you've spent, all day!

Oh, and I really would like Grant and my fake boyfriend George hear what you guys think.  Why?  Well, taking the personal time to share something truly wonderful, with one another, is what bloggers do best, right?

No worries, take your time, I'll wait.

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