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New Jersey Mom Blog Launch Party - The Recap!

The Twilight Years: Okay, I get it, BITE ME!

I began my obsession with Twilight in the Summer of 2007, when my oldest daughter insisted would keep her interest and...OF COURSE...the genre would make an absolutely perfect fit into her summer reading list.

"It's a vampire love story!"


So, I read it first to make sure that it was really, you know, appropriate for teen readers truly was love at first bite.


Don't worry, Stephenie Meyer writes way gooder than me and has taken a story line that is not really that unique -- like, how love overcomes all obstacles, sort of -- but, presents it in a totally refreshing way.

With that said, I can't help but wonder if it's wrong that I'm totally crushing, you teen's crush?

Not in a Demi Moore marries her teen's crush sort of way, either.  Although, I did get the chance to meet Ashton Kutcher, albeit briefly (I know, what's a mom like me doing on the red carpet, anyhow?) and, yeah, it was obvious (to me, anyway) that they both like each other (a lot) and, last I heard, are still married.

So there.


Aaaand then my friend Cindy has to go and post this picture on Facebook and I'm, like, you know, crushing like a teenager, all over again!

I mean, star crushes are fine (there's another Liz, who I know, has been on a George Clooney-watch for years, now) and the older I get...well...let's just say I still appreciate a good set of genes, when I see it (hell, I'm a mom, right?) but, it just totally creeps my two oldest daughters out.


"What do you mean, you met Joe Jonas!?!?"

Well, not in the "Hiya, my name is Liz and I'm a total Dork," sort of way, but, yeah, I did bump into him, on an elevator, coming back from the red carpet, with my shoes off and everything.

"Yeah, he's a lot shorter than I thought."

Actually, my 15-year-old still hasn't forgiven me for missing yet another photo op, just because I was being all, you know, dorky.

"OMG, it's daughter LOVES you...hey...shouldn't you be in bed, by now?"

Not to mention, calling Joe Jonas her boyfriend...out loud...and then sounding like a stalker, looking for a little action, when all I was doing was simply know...a mom.

[the sound of crickets chirping]


The point of all this -- or, what I'm desperately trying to say, without having it come out, you know, badly -- I'm in my forties and everywhere I look and everything I say, or do, is NOT cool.

"Sure, you can call a few of your friends to see if they'd like to do Twilight with you, I think it would make a great birthday gift!"

I get it!

"AWESOME...thanks, mom...but, I want to see it with you, too!"

Sometimes, even us moms need a little break from reality -- seriously, it doesn't always have to be about the laundry -- and it's nice to know that, you know, my kids think it's okay, too!

"Yeah, really, Mom...besides, you know, I am SO crushing on Robert Pattison!"

Okay, it doesn't always have to be about me (I get it!) but, just so you know, we ARE both totally on Team Edward!

"Nuh-uh, I'm for Team Jacob!"


P.S. - Are you a Twilight Mom?

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