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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Happy Motherversary!


Today, I'm celebrating my 15th Motherversary!

Has it been a decade and a half, already?  Gosh, but it seems so long ago.  I mean, I still remember her first tooth (she only had the one on her first birthday) it stood out in the middle of her smile and made her look like a little pumpkin head.

She was the first to call me "Mommy" and give me a present on Mother's Day -- a faded coffee mug that says "#1 Mommy" and...yes...even I'm surprised that I haven't managed to break it, yet!

[knocking on wood]

I remember the first time she got really, really sick and, when she was hospitalized at 8 months, it was also the first time I felt as if, you know, I was going to die.

I remember my first attempts at sewing, when I made a Halloween costume for her (and her baby sister, at the time) and found the absolute joy, that is Tacky Glue -- thank you, Aleene!

Thing One was the first to have a friend sleep-over, to walk to the corner for a gallon of milk and still kisses me goodnight by saying, "I love you...Momma!"

It stands to reason; she will probably be the first to tell me just how badly her father and I managed to screw up her life.

It's okay, though.

If growing up means that our children end up hating us, even a little, then I guess we BOTH still have some growing up to do.

Right now, we're good.

[knocking on wood until knuckles bleed]

Happy Birthday, baby!

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