Parenting Tip #1,910,653: Taking the "I" Out of the Holidays
Blogging Out Hunger: Campaign Launch - We Can't Let This Bank Fail!

A Post That Has Absolutely Nothing to do With Christmas, Health Care, Housing and Auto Bailouts or My Growing Dependency on Coffee!

Sorry, Google (sort of) but momma's feeling a little cranky, right now and I'm sure that you (yes, YOU!) are getting pretty gosh-darned tired (like me) hearing about all the cuh-ray-zee stuff going on, right now, all over the blogging world.

Makes me wish I was 7-years-old, again (sort of) and pretty much the reason why I decided to send this photo along with our otherwise traditional holiday family greeting -- Mini-me's tongue sticking out, and all!

So, please forgive me, you are not going to find any fodder that would be even remotely perceived as, you know, adult-like.

Nuh-uh, not from me, not this day.

How-wev-vuh, if you had a sucky week (like mine) filled with the type of suckage that even the glass-is-half-full-type people would find, you know, irritating....well, clean off a chair and sit down, I got a face to pick with you!


Funny Face #1:  The Boy, I swear, must have been a "Pointy-Tongued Lizard" in another life!


Funny Face #2:  Mini-me lost her 2nd front tooth (FINALLY!) and her "Toothless in New Jersey" happens to be my favorite, as it won't be around for very much longer.


Funny Face #3:  We're giving Thing Two a pass (the poor kid's got enough on her mind, what with her surgery scheduled for this Monday, already) but, I love that my father tries to be hip with his "Peace-Out" and his arthritis makes it look like he's flipping the bird!


Funny Face #4:  Another tag-team effort between Thing One and my husband, Garth (not his real name) who is about to make a BIG announcement at work (real soon) and insists on remaining anonymous, dammit.  No worries.  I call this photo, "Hairapy!"


Funny Face #5:  My mom is recovering, nicely (thank you all, your thoughts and prayers totally worked it!) aaaand, I am pulling my lip over my face and tossing in "Motherhood Hurts" for good measure!  But, the Buttered Toffee, behind me, is totally for Busy Mom!

Now it's up you -- my dear blogging friends -- which one best describes your week!?!?

Oh...and you are more than welcome to join me -- use a couple of curse words, if it will make you feel better, we're all adults, here, sort of -- in describing your funniest face, possible!


Because, it sucks being a grown up (sometimes) besides, it's totally rude and I said so...DAMMIT!

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