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Blogging Out Hunger: So, I Got Stop & Shop To Do Their Part, Now It's Your Turn!!!


Stop & Shop will donate $1 for each comment (up to $300) to the Community Food bank of New Jersey!!!


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Last week, over 100 of my blogging friends and I got together and blogged about the This Bank Can't Fail campaign (spearheaded by my blogging friend and fellow Jersey Girl Deborah Smith of JerseyBites.com) to Blogging Out Hunger on behalf of The Community Food Bank of New Jersey and families in need across the garden state.

Growing up ours was no stranger to hunger.

Okay, let's be honest, what's the diff -- what about the rest of the year -- what's so special about blogging and who listens to Mommybloggers, anyway?

[bites lower lip]

Well, I asked my friends at Stop & Shop if they would like to help sponsor This Full House with a call out for donations in support of Blogging Out Hunger and they seemed to feel that it's, you know, a pretty good idea.

Aaaand, here's the good part, there's a way you (yes, YOU!) oh, savvy Internets, can help.



Why, by doing what you do best...of course!!!

Just so you know, Stop & Shop is actually making a pretty significant donation to the New Jersey Food Bank this holiday season. Its Food For Friends campaign raised more than $1 million dollars which is being distributed to 300 local hunger relief organizations throughout the Northeast -- the New Jersey Food bank receives about $74,500.

Stop & Shop gets the value of supporting bloggers (like, helping to make the New Jersey Moms Blog Launch Party a great success and sponsoring this Thanksgiving giveaway) and they're willing to help a Mommyblogger out this time, too.


By helping me to continue to spread the word about the desperate need that The Community Food Bank of New Jersey is in due to the increased demands being put on New Jersey food pantries.


Well, here's where you (yes, YOU!) come in.  All you have to do is a leave a comment -- like, telling us what's your plan on dealing with this cuh-ray-zee holiday week, or something as simple as, you know, what's for dinner -- and Stop & Shop will donate $1.00 and are more than ready to write a check (for up to $300.00) to The Community Food Bank of New Jersey!!!

I know, 300 comments (just who do I think I am, Dooce) it's a tall order -- so, please, feel free to share (like, Twitter, Digg, Kirtsy, Stumble this blog post) and help spread a little Christmas/Hannukah Mojo!


Because nice matters, hunger sucks and Stop & Shop knows we care...DAMMIT!!!

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