Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Christmas in the 80's
Nearly Wordless Wednesday: New Years Eve Glam

Happy Birthday, My Christmas Baby!

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Greeting cards have all been sent, The Christmas rush is through. But I still have one wish to make, A special one for Thing Two...

[clears throat]

 Happy Birthday, Baby
Though 3 days after Christmas, it's still true
You're 13 now and in my dreams I always wished for a girl, like you.

Growing up is NOT always joyful...especially, when something's bothering you
But every day's a holiday
When I can laugh with you

The things you could be I wish you could see I wish it every day
You're smart and very strong
Darn good at singing songs
And pretty, too...YES!...way

TRUST ME...I see it everyday
But my singing...uh...can sort of suck
'Nuf said...don't press your luck

[clears throat]

Happy Birthday, my Christmas Baby
You're thirteen, I can't believe it's true
But, I've just one wish on this special day...

I wish I were more like you!

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