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The Christmas Picture That Almost Wasn't


I took this picture of Thing Two (she's my middle girl) and my mom (that's my youngest, Mini-me, popping up, on cue, from behind the couch) at my brother's house on Thanksgiving Day.  It's not a very good one (seriously, I could really use a new camera, Santa!) but, you can still see the family resemblance...right?

This year, I really enjoyed giving up on any plans I had for hosting our family dinner (seriously, I highly recommend it) and not for the lack of wanting (I love Thanksgiving) but, things have been a little stressful at our house, lately.

I know, you too, right?

My husband, Garth (not his real name) works in the banking industry ('nuf said) and then my middle girl goes and blows a gasket (genetic disorders be damned) so, luck hasn't been on our side this year and, truth be told, I'm more than a little nervous about my mother's heart procedure, next week.

Oh, did I mention that Thing Two is scheduled for her surgery, the following week, 13 days before her 13th birthday!?!?


So, YAH, of course you can have Thanksgiving Dinner, bro (damned, if his turkey didn't taste better know...mine) and, SURE, you can have ALL four of the kids sleepover, too!

[the sound of car doors slamming]

"Quick, before they change their minds!"

Although, Garth (not his real name) had to work the rest of the weekend (stupid, stupid bank!) we had a really hours, alone, together, before falling asleep on the couch.

The next day, I waited until the crazies were done with their Black Friday shopping and drove back to Ft. Dix (it's a little over an hour away) then, picked the kids up and headed down to Cape May to visit with Mini-me's Godparents, who were kind enough to invite us down for the rest of the weekend, without Garth (not his real name) AGAIN!

Poor guy.


My parents met us at our friends' new summer home on Washington Street, or (what my kids lovingly refer to as) the house that we should be living in and we all had a great time just hanging out with , you know, in our pajamas.


So, YAH, of course you can use mommy's computer, Thing Two (heaven knows I'm probably boring you guys, already) and, SURE, we can go and see some pretty Christmas lights, or go window shopping and can just chillax, if you want!

In fact, I'm much more relaxed about things than I used to be (raising kids will do that to a person) especially, this Christmas, when both my mother and my baby girl will be recovering from some pretty nasty stuff?

[bites lower lip]

Well, I'm not about to wig-out about the holidays (seriously, Martha Stewart can #suckit!) because, I've pretty much tore all of my hair out, already (stupid, insurance!) and, quite frankly, I've got nothing left.


Like, when Garth (not his real name) told me that his parents were coming over to help us decorate the tree.


Last night, after having driven in the pouring rain, when the kids and I managed to FINALLY make it home from Cape May, in one piece.

Grandma-and-grandpa (2)

Stupid camera!


So, YAH, I got this great shot of my kids (standing in front bed and breakfast, inn, or something, I forget) but, of course I didn't notice that my youngest enhanced this year's Christmas picture with her tongue (until I went to print it for the cards, today) and, SURE, I'm still sending it, anyway!

With the following note:

Have a really Merry Christmas and a very Happy 2009, or else I'll send Mini-me to sleepover your house, next year!

Maybe then, my friends and family will forgive me and, hopefully, understand.

"Sorry, Mom."

As for the rest, well, who cares, really?

"Just tell the Hungarian-side that the picture just sort of, you know, fit."

Meh, they probably don't like us much, anyway.

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