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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: New Years Eve Glam

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New Years Eve 1966

I love this picture of my mother -- taken on the front porch of the house we shared with my grandmother -- the gown, the gloves, the jewelery and the way my mother did her own hair (she hated going to beauty parlors, still does) my mom looked SO glamorous.  She and dad were headed out to the New Year's Eve Ball held at the Hungarian Club in Woodbridge, NJ to party with Gypsy Joe and his band.

She was so young, vibrant, beautiful.

Still, all these years later, I can't help but reflect on the pain she's endured (dad, too) yet, my mother has an incredible amount of strength and compassion -- honestly, the woman is filled with warm fuzzies -- and her amazing ability to inspire the same in others, while I sit here and worry about..um...everything?

Well...I'm getting older...but, my mother just keeps getting, you know, better.

Even time can't erase the glint from those beautiful chocolate brown eyes and, this New Year's Eve, I plan to raise my glass, kiss another year goodbye and be thankful that, you know, I have my mother's eyes.

Oh...and remember to call my mother, of course!

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Happy New Year, everyone!


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