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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: What's My Name, Beyotch?

Flip-Worthy Moments & Delurking Day '09

Today's Flip-Worthy Moment is brought to you by my next door neighbor, who wants to know: Is it selfish to expect older kids to help take care of their younger siblings?

 Part II - Continued...after surprise visit from in-laws...and patting down the stray hairs that were sticking outta my head in Part I...UGH:

Please, for the love of all that is flip-worthy, let me know what you're thinking...okay?

Delurking2009 copy

Oh and, by the way, it's Delurking Day -- yes it is, my friend Jodifur and Rude Cactus said so -- but, (since, I am a SELFISH MOM and all) would it be too much to ask you (if you haven't, already) to pop on over to my Blogging Out Hunger post and leave a comment there, too...pretty please?

You see, Stop & Shop will donate $1.00 for every comment I can get...up to $ the Community Food Bank of New Jersey!!!


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