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It finally started to snow here in Jersey, just the other day -- I know, my Seattle and Midwest friends have plenty that they are probably more than willing to share, even -- and, since Santa Claus didn't bring me the really cool camera I've been wanting (honestly, I was happy he remembered the kids) look what I did with a little Envy:

Cabin Fever:  On the first day of Christmas vacation, it started to really snow and Thing Two thought it sucked that it happened, smack dab in the middle of her recovery and I (seeing as, I am the meanest mom in the world) wouldn't let her go outside...dammit!

Garden Fairy:  As she screams, "It's frickin' freezing out here, Mr. Bigglesworth!"

He's A Little Bit Pointer, Dog:  Pointing out the fact that he looks way better in the down vest, that my mother gave me last Christmas, than I do...dammit!

Smile Doofus-Dog:  I swear, he's a REAL camera hound!

World's Largest Snowball:  Actually, it's snow-encrusted basketball...but, you won't tell anyone...right!?!?

Sit Doofus, Sit:  He actually thinks Thing One's gonna throw it!?!?

Wii Love the Snow...NOT:  Don't worry (The Boy announced he hates snow since, you know, we got the Wii) with the magic of, mommy can make it snow anytime, anywhere, too!

Imagine, what I could do with a REAL grown up camera!?!?


I blame Ashton Kutcher, who truly makes digital photography look cool (and pretty) even for a dork, like me.

[heavy sigh]

Ah well, thank goodness for Flickr!


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