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Marketing to Moms & How NOT to Mess With A Blogger!

Look, it's no secret, I like getting stuff -- says so, right on my review blog -- but, what I especially like about blogging is finding out about stuff (whatever it is, I need, at the moment) connecting with others (like me) and then being able to share all the good stuff...with you guys ...FAST!

Yeah, sometimes I get invited to really cool events (seriously, even my real life friends were more than a little surprised to see pictures of me...in Hollywood) but, I've been doing this for almost 6 years now (blogging, I mean) and, whenever I get to do really cool stuff, I am very thankful for it.

The onslaught of viral marketing to moms on the Internets, not so much.

You see, I love my blog (figuratively speaking, of course) and I can't imagine a day without writing, something (imperfect, as it is) and I take great pleasure in knowing that, through my blog, I have met thousands of people (literally, much more interesting, you bet) who have become an important part of our story.

The Internets have watched my family grow, fight, cry, laugh and even puke (a lot) and...yes...This Full House has evolved into something way larger than I could have ever imagined...6 years ago.

No, I don't think we're anything special -- we're still 6 ordinary people living in the same 7 room house -- but, the difference between me and...oh, I dunno...some other moms (in my neighborhood, anyway) is that I have a blog and I choose to use my voice in as many good ways, as possible.

Like, making OTHER mothers look good...you're welcome.

So, in a way, I am my own brand and the difference between me and...oh, I dunno...marketers who choose not to follow through on their promises is that I don't get paid to clean up your messes.

Or, mine...for that matter.

Sure, I am very thankful when a company offers to send me stuff that I, or my family could really use and then sponsors a giveaway so I could share it with other families, who could use stuff, just the same!

Especially, if it works and I haven't managed to break it...yet.

What I don't like is when I receive an email, from a reader, letting me know that a giveaway has NOT been received.


This week.

I did my part, now do yours, damnit.

What THESE bad marketers don't see, or seem to want to understand, is the time it takes to switch laundry....Twitter...cook dinner...blog...clean up cat puke...go on Facebook and check in on my teens...and then surf the Internets for articles on how to better manage my time!

Because, my husband is the one who gets the paycheck...not me.

Besides, YOU are making ME look bad and that is one area I do NOT need any help with - thankyouverymuch!

You want people to trust your brand?

[heads up!]

Do NOT waste a consumer's time.

You want to market to moms?

[grab your pens!]

Do NOT take a blogger for granted.

I'm a mom, who just happens to have a blog - don't mess with me - heaven knows that I've seen too much of that, already!

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