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Why I Made My Kids "Friend" Me on Facebook!

O...M...G...don't even!

My middle girl turned 13, last month (someone hold me!) and used her birthday money to order the really cool camera that I have been coveting (these darn kids get EVERYTHING!) and, after we got home from having her stitches removed this week, Thing Two was thrilled to find it waiting for her at the front door!

"Here, try it!"

Typically, I hate having my picture taken and consider myself severely photogenically-challenged.  It's okay.  I'm down with that.

"O...M...G...what are you trying to do?"

Gosh, but kids make me feel so stupid...sometimes.

"Uh, don't kids do peace-out anymore?"

Judging by the look on her face, apparently, not really.

"No, we just do peace."

I know I'm just a stupid parent and all (seriously, with 2 teenagers in the house, never felt dumber) but, didn't I just say that?

"Will you take a picture of me for Facebook?"

Yes, the day she turned 13, I allowed Thing Two to sign up for a Facebook account (I mean, her 15-year-old sister has one) and it's really no big deal...I'm on it, too...besides, I'm her mom and MADE her "friend" me!

Relax, Dr. Phil -- honestly, I'm just not that into train wrecks -- but, I'm tired of feeling frightened, or being made to look, you know, inept (especially, when it comes to spelling words like inept) and yes the Internet scares me, a little (especially, as a parent) but, I'm also still the boss of my kids and have set up some ground rules, which are subject to change, of course:

  • Do not "friend" anyone you do not know!
  • Do not post (or, link) any pictures that your parents would be embarrassed to see.
  • Do not allow a "non-friend" to see view your profile.

Aaaand, I checked, just to be sure.

"Your privacy settings look good."

Oh, I know, kids aren't perfect (I'm down with that, too) and, if they do screw up, guess what?

No more Facebook!

[shrugs shoulders]

Until they're 18, anyways.

Here's the thing, I never claimed to be the perfect parent (seriously, I'm going through some growing pains) but, kids grow up so fast (trust me, I know) and are much more savvy, these days.

My parenting philosophy has changed over the years -- what worked with 1 kid, ain't necessarily gonna fly with the other 3 -- but, there's one that has remained tried and true.  If you can't beat them (I certainly don't recommend, it) make them "friend" you on Facebook. 

Or, maybe try telling them that you weren't born "this old" and still remember feeling insecure (some of us still do) or, weird (show them pictures, even) and maybe that even us parents can STILL learn a thing, or two.

Or, just MAKE your kids "friend" you on Facebook!

Personally, I think it's sort of nice to know that we can at least, you know, hang out together - even if it's only, virtually.

"Just, don't leave anything embarrassing...okay?"

Of course, not (I'm down with that) and I just joined this really cool group called Moms Whose Kids Are Embarrassed That They Have a Facebook and, although it's been around since October, 2008 (yeah, I'm quick like that) I felt it necessary, just in case my kids decide to, you know, "un-friend" me!


Because, neither the kids or I have a Myspace account....DUH!

[makes a fist and then shows two fingers]



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