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Marketing to Moms: Setting A Precedent, By Taking It One Screw Up At A Time.

I know, you're probably tired of hearing about this (especially, if you've come here for your weekly dose of "DUH!" and witness just how I, you know, make other mothers look good) but, in light of recent events (having been messed with, recently and then making nice, nice) I feel it a moral imperative to speak out and prove, once again, that I have been named the unlikely poster child for good/bad blogger relations and, inadvertently, am setting a bad example, in a good way.

In other words, I feel like a total schmuck...AGAIN!

I love my blog and, although some people would say it is a waste of energy or feel that, surely (as a mother of 4 children) I could think of better ways to spend my time, it is one of the very few things I can call my own.

It is only here, that I can actually hear myself think.

I've learned many great things reading other people's blogs (way more smarter, than me) but, one of the things that I enjoy most about blogging is being able to help others feel better. 

About what?

Being a mother.  A wife.  A sister.  A sister-in-law.  A daughter.  A daughter-in-law.  An aunt.  A godmother.  A cousin.  A friend.  A blogger.

Because, among other things, I am all of those and have managed to screw that up, more often than not, too.

Especially as a blogger, where I've cornered the market on helping people to not only acknowledge, but embrace their imperfections and, hopefully, we ALL can learn from MY mistakes.

Yes, but it's "only a mommy blog"...right...and I do giveaways on my product review blog, a lot, I mean, how does that keep in with "my blog mission in life" and where do I draw the line?

Right now.


I screwed up.  Although, a lot of other bloggers have publicly stated that it was not my fault (for which, I cannot possibly begin to find the words that would properly express my appreciation besides, I love you) you see, I made the mistake of crossing the line between real life and blogging.

Because, in my corner of the blogosphere, they are one and the same and I know it's hard for some people to understand -- especially, very large corporations who are trying to tap into the phenomena that is marketing to moms on the internet.

If I agree to promote a product or service, then...yes, it is probably very much worth my time...and bet!!!...but, here's the question that still boggles the minds of almost everyone I meet.


Well, long story short (you're welcome) there's some really good things to be found on the Internets and sometimes I actually get the chance to, you know, get my hands on stuff that I would NEVER have been able to real life...or, as I like to refer to...outside my blog...and certainly not without the help of some really savvy marketing people I've met...through my blog.

Because, they know, I am very picky with what I choose to write about and I have every intention of reviewing the product(s) to their full potential, which means, spending hours testing, researching and publishing a very detailed article/blog post and provide an unbiased and "real" review, which my blog visitors have come to expect.

Aaaand, therein lies my biggest mistake of all.

I trusted that, by now, companies looking to reach out and promote their brands already understood that or actually took the time to read my review policy.

You see, I seem to have caused a bit of an uproar in the blogosphere at the moment and, although I certainly do not wish for anyone to lose their job...wait, that bares uppercase...and bold lettering...I DO NOT WISH FOR ANYONE TO LOSE THEIR JOB...short of being told that...hey, stupid...this is NOT yours to keep, I'm sticking to my review policy and do not intend on sending a product, that I've used and am currently promoting, back.

In other words, it would be like showing up at my house, throwing crap in my face and expecting me to do your laundry, for free!

I am setting a precedent:  Don't have a review policy?  Get get one!

Draw the line, with me -- especially, you savvy bloggers who are way smarter than me -- it really doesn't matter what you write about, or the sort of blog you keep -- although, I am biased when it comes to mom bloggers, since we seem to be oxymorons at the moment -- bottom line is, you are dealing with a business and your blog (not to mention, reputation) is on the line.

[Disclaimer:  I didn't get to pay to talk about any of this stuff, either -- cross-posted on This Full House Reviews.]

[P.S.:  I have since heard from the pr firm representing the company in question and we are in mutual agreement of the oversight, so...yes...I am willing to work with them, that we are on the same page.]

[P.S.S.:  The review was for a $400 product, which equates to $100 per hour, just so you know.]

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