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What's My Name, Damnit?


Thing Two's bridging ceremony to Junior Cadets, last year, at least I think that's where we were and what my daughter's name is.

I was in the middle of yelling at my middle girl -- yes, I holler at my kids, all the time, act surprised anyway -- and then I did the unthinkable.

"Don't walk away from Two, COME HERE!!!"

I forgot my 13-year-old's name.

"I hate it when you call me that!"

Really, from the "eat granola and die" look on her face, I would NEVER have guessed.

"Why can't you just use our real names?"

Because, after writing about them for 6 years and referring to my children using their blog names, you know, I forget.

"Thing One, Thing Two, Mini-me, The sounds STOOO-PID!"

I guess, using "blog names" for so long, it's hard to go back on everything I have ever said, written, or totally blown out of proportion about protecting my kids' privacy.  I mean, one of my most visited posts was the one I wrote, after my kid was involved in some questionable internet chat, about child safety.

Oh, and don't forget all that stuff it says About This Full House:

I have four children - Thing One is 15, Thing Two is 13, The Boy is 10 and Mini-Me is 7 - and I don't use their "real" names, because...well...with 6 people living in a 7 room house and ALL 3 girls sharing 1 bedroom...I would like them to feel as if they had some sense of privacy.


Stupid is as stupid does and even my 7 year-old understands that the internet is a really big place filled with people we do NOT know...aaaand, her mommy works there.

"What's my name, again?"

[heavy sigh]

So, I reminded her.

[eyes go wide]

"But, that's my REAL name."

Yep, she was also probably very surprised, I even remembered it.


So, in an effort to save me the trouble of having to remember their blog names (brain cells are at a premium, at the moment) allow me re-introduce you to my kids:

Thing-one-good (2)

Holly (formerly known as Thing One) is 15 years-old and, at least in this picture, is very happy with me (and her dad) at the moment, for allowing my hairdresser (a.k.a. performs magic with scissors) to try out a new product that straightened her normally very curly hair.  For about 5 days.  Now she's mad at me again, damnit.  I apologize for the picture quality.  Stupid cell phone!


Heather (formerly known as Thing Two and is the inspiration behind this post) is 13 years-old and my middle girl saved up her birthday money to buy a brand new camera.  As you can see, it takes much prettier pictures than mine.  But, I am NOT allowed to use it.  Because, she knows that I tend to, you know, break things...A LOT!


Glen (formerly known as The Boy) is 10 years-old (with his blue/green eyes) looks a lot like his dad and is the only boy in the house.  I know.  Because, he keeps reminding me how HE DOES NOT HAVE A BROTHER!!!  Oh, and how wonderful it would be if I could give him one.  [shiver]  Then, I usually send him to Carpooling Mom's house (she's got 3 boys) and, if that doesn't work, I remind him that both cats and the Doofus-dogs are male.  No, he doesn't think that's very funny...either.


Aaaaand, this one is Hope (formerly known as Mini-me) she's 7 years-old and Thing Two...I mean, Heather caught her youngest sister in one of her, "guess what one of my sisters or brother just did/said" poses we have all come to love...NOT!  Yes, she looks an awful lot like I did (at 7) and, being the youngest, she is what I like to refer to as, "Mommy's little ticket into heaven!"

Thus, ends the usual suspect-style lineup at our house.

Holly, Heather, Glen and Hope.

Yep, those are their REAL names and they took a long time to choose -- not to mention, give birth to -- and each name has a real special meaning, too.

But, that's whole OTHER blog post.

"What about Dad?"

Actually, it's okay that my husband Garth (not his real name) STILL insists on remaining anon on my blog.


I've grown used to using his "blog name" so much, in real life, that I, you know, forget what his "real name" is, anyway.

[sound of crickets chirping]

I'm a work in progress, people.

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