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Potentional FTC Regulations on Mom Bloggers: Are you kidding me?

You've heard about this, right?  Just so you know, I found this really cool video over at Role Mommy's place -- because, you know, we mom blogger types talk and like to share stuff online -- take a look at Classy Mommy on Fox & Friends as she discusses the potential FTC regulations on mom bloggers:

Bang on, right?

My take on the government regulating mom/review blogs, like mine:

I've NEVER claimed myself to be an expert of anything other than being able to listen to several conversations, at once. 

I'm just a mom, who happens to enjoy writing about stuff that my family likes, or hasn't broken (yet) and sharing MY OPINIONS on stuff that perhaps makes life a little easier for families (like mine) makes me feel good...period.

Next, the government will be telling us how and where to spend our money...oh, wait...nevermind.

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[Cross-posted at my review blog, because I happen to have one of those...too]

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