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Easter 2009  

I know, I know, Easter's been over for like, what, weeks now, right?  Except, of course, if you're Orthodox.  Then, it's only been a couple of days.


It's the same thing, every year.  My husband Garth (not his real name) shakes down the Easter Bunny and makes gosh-darned sure that our kids find plenty of chocolate eggs, jelly beans and enough gooey marshmallow treats in their baskets to make any dentist, or orthodontist salivate their way to the bank.

My job?  Remind the big dumb bunny that...HELLO!...2 out of 4 kids have already been recommended for braces...but, did he listen?

Of course not, which is why the Easter candy STILL sits on top of my fridge...taunting me...every day.



Look at me.


C'mon, looooook...at...me.


It's been weeks, you know?

Has it?

Eat me.

Excuse me?


You're being ridiculous, so just stop it, already.

C'mon, just one teeny, weeny, little nibble?

No, thank you.

If you do, then I...I...I won't bother you, anymore.





Okay, just a teeny, weeny, little nibble.

[heavy sigh]

Then, my husband went to work.  Then end.


Silly rabbit, did you REALLY think I was talking to you?!?!?!?


What?  Like, you never gave in for goodness sake.  Anyway, tomorrow IS Garth's (not his real name) birthday and we've got family coming over and, well, you know.


Bon Appetit, my love!

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