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Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Face Painting R Us!

Make new friends, but keep the old; especially, if they find you on Facebook!

Carleen holly and pumpkins 

Holly and her godmother, Carleen - Autumn 1995

My oldest daughter is turning 16, this year (I know, because she keeps reminding me that her birthday is coming up...in November) and it's amazing that I really can't remember her ever being this small.  Or, the fact that Holly's godmother has also became a mother, moved out of state and that, sadly, we've since lost contact with each other.

Not for the lack of trying, because we really have "not" tried to call, or reconnect with each other, in years.

Until, I logged into my email and found a "friend request" today from Facebook and was all, OMG, you mean to tell me there's another person who knows me, in real life, and STILL wants to be my friend!?!

Because, I also received a request from my son's godmother [waves to Linda] a few weeks ago and still haven't gotten over the fact that she just might think I hate her, too.

In fact, from the sounds of the writing on my Facebook wall, the woman was pissed and I was at a loss, after all these years, why she would think that I would quit her like that.

Of course, I missed her and...yes, I received her emails...sure, I responded to each and every one of them, absolutely!

So, I scrounged around and found the last email I sent her:

Hi Sweetie!

Gosh, but I miss you - how the heck have you guys been?  Thanks so much for sending along your Thanksgiving wishes - right back at ya' - and I'm glad, because now I have your email address.

We have so much to catch up on....

Aaaaaand, it turns out I sent it to the wrong email address (I know, act surprised anyway) oh, and how lame does that sound, right?

Then again, she's known me since even before my husband Garth (not his real name) so, it should not be totally inconceivable "to her" that I would do such a thing.

Damnit, I picked up the phone -- yes, I still had her telephone number -- and I called her, anyway.

Long story short (you're welcome) I forwarded my last email to her -- yes, to the right address this time -- and apologized for not getting in touch with her, sooner....soooo, we're good....so far.

But, what about Carleen?

I mean, she's known me since even before Linda and...ah, crud...but, it sucks to be/friend me and don't you wish life had a delete button?

[sound of crickets chirping]

Me either, because I'd probably be missing an eye, or two.

Anyway, I quickly accepted her "friend request," scanned her profile for an email address and...holy crap!...turns out she still wants to be my friend, too!

[heavy sigh]

I dunno, sometimes life just seems so much simpler in this here blog, than it does, in real life.

Why is that?

Until, of course those two worlds happen to collide and you find that some of your old friends are actually "friending you" on Facebook.

Like mine, did.

[waves to Lin and Car]

Thank goodness, because even though they've both moved from Jersey -- no, it was NOT because of me either -- we can at least keep track of each other, in real time, on Facebook.

Aaaand, maybe they'll see this blog post and realize that my intentions are, you know, sincere.  Besides, I'm still the same dork they knew from way back when, only...you know, a little older and squishier...but, still like me...anyway.

[sound of crickets chirping]

Yes, I feel way better now, thankyouverymuch!

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