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Hump Day Diddy Dumbs: Tripping Down Memory Lane, One Kid at a Time!

Mom heather and tonsil 

Mommy, Heather and Tonsil (whose funny little fuzzy hat is pictured above) the stuffed dog we gave to Heather at the hospital, right before she had her tonsils removed, 3 years ago.

Little did I know that, 3 years later, my 13 year-old would be facing yet ANOTHER surgery and thank goodness for warm fuzzy little friends, like Tonsil!

My husband, Garth [not his real name] downloaded some pictures (like the one of Heather and me, above) from his cell phone the other day and, after copying the pictures onto my laptop, I was surprised to see that some of them date back as far as 2005!

I mean, not only is he STILL walking around with the same old cell phone -- while, I am almost done beating the heck outta my third -- but, he's totally getting off on the fact that I do NOT remember a lot of these pictures, or have long forgotten to blog about them!

Bad mom, good dad wins!  So, once again, I seemed to have tripped on the way to winning the Mom of the Year Award.  Aaaand, only now decided to blog about stuff I probalby should have, before (you're welcome) just because I can, damnit!

Warning:  Gratuitous pictures of children ahead for no other purpose than to make this mom feel a little better about being, you know, me.

In other words, OH LORD, Mommy's tripping again!

Hope and glen at mama and papas
This was one of the last pictures taken at my parents' house, the one I grew up in, before they moved almost 4 years ago!  It took my breath away.  I mean, I can't believe how small Glen was (he was in kindergarten) or, even remember Hope (at 3 yrs.) EVER being that little.  Makes me sort of want to squish them down back to a littler size, a little.  Today, the yard is totally wasted (yeah, we drove by it a couple of times since then) and I would much rather the kids and I remember it, you know, like this.

Hope graduating nursery school
I never posted about Hope's graduation from nursery school, 3 years ago (although, I did post about her kindergarten celebration) or, what a bittersweet moment this was, really.  I mean, we did it!  4 kids in school, full-time.  I should have been thrilled, right?  Aaaand, I was.  Still.  There's a little piece of me, way deep down inside and just passed all the damage caused by drinking way too much coffee, that would love to be able to relive my youngest's baby years, all over again.  Since, it's hers that I can't seem to remember the most.

Hope in cowgirl boots and self cut hair
Although, I do remember those cowgirl boots (one of the very few items of clothing that were NOT handed down) and taking this picture, right after she decided to CUT HER OWN HAIR.  Interestingly enough, the only one of my four that ever took a pair of scissors to their hair.  Which, is one of the reasons why her father and I reference Hope as, "Our little ticket into heaven."

Mrs ssgkat and girls
I have never posted one of my favorite pictures of Heather and Holly, a couple of Christmases ago, posing with my twin brother's wife (a.k.a. Mrs. SSGKAT) or, the fact the woman always manages to make them happy.  Which is good.  Because, I don't.  Make them happy all the time, I mean.  But, she does.  Aaaaand that's what Aunt's are for, really.

This full house at hard rock cafe
I never blogged about our trip to Philadelphia (I think) or, our sharing the best dessert ever at the Hard Rock Cafe.

This full house in baltimore md
Or, the fact that we made a day trip to Baltimore, after Philadelphia, and how it was the last family vacation we've taken, in a while.  3 years, in fact.  The kids still want to go back and swear that it's NOT because it's where there's a Cheesecake Factory AND an ESPN Zone, in one place, or anything.

This full house tree lighting
I love this picture taken at our town's tree lighting (2007, I think) because, it's one of the few pictures of my kids...with me in it.  Oh, and I'm totally digging Hope's hat and wish to goodness I could remember where it went.  Not that it would fit her anymore, damnit.

Gosh, but I almost forgot when This Full House went totally Gothic on Halloween 2007.  Or, that my hair actually had blonde, better left forgotten, actually.

This full house gothic 2
Aaaand, OH HOW I WANT to get this picture of my inlaws framed -- my FIL is totally ignoring his New England roots -- because, it is A CLASSIC!

But, it is this picture, of me, that Garth [not his real name] is using as my caller i.d., that convinced me that I know how to have fun, or how stuff used to be. Not all of it was good.  Most of it I miss, terribly.  But, I swear, it is quiet moments of reflection, like this, that help remind me just where I've been and how far This Full House has come.

[shrugs shoulders]

Oh, and to accept change, just a little more, than before.  Which is why I've decided to go back to that AWESOME hair color, right?

[blows bangs out of eyes]

Because I'm vain like that!

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