BlogHer, I Don't Even Know Her!
Wordless Wednesday: Rah Rah Roh Oh

BlogHer IRL - Part One

Me and Melisa (Suburban Scrawl) at Nikon  

Me and Melisa (with one s!)

IRL (in real life) I am no one special.  I'm just a mom, who blogs about stuff (like, more than just being a mom) and, sometimes, if I'm real lucky, I even get to do good stuff (like, go to conferences and perhaps even raise a little bit of money) with other folks (like me) who otherwise I would probably never get the chance to meet,  IRL.

Me and Sue (As Cape Cod Turns) at Nikon

Me and Sue (As Cape Cod Turns)

Even though our families have probably passed each other (once, or twice) on the street - especially,  during the last 20 summers or so.

Phatmommy Addresses the BlogHer 5Kers 

Shannon (Phatmommy) warms up before the BlogHer 5K

Getting up very, very early in the morning and being allowed the opportunity to decompress before the start of the whirlwind of panels, workshops and geek fests that is BlogHer!

Diana does the 5K!

Diana Prichard (my very sweet and even smarter roomie) does the 5K!

Seeking out quiet moments of reflection and re-evaluation, like having made the commitment to blog with integrity long before even becoming a dot com.

BlogHer Keynotes  

Courtesy of Jack's Dad

Sitting in a room with something like 1,500 people and being able to say that you ALL have at least 1 thing in common!

Captain Morgan and Me in Chicago

Captain Morgan and me!

Oh yes, and there will probably be frivolity and many other light and airy moments that would require one to tap into their inner-child.  All in good clean fun, of course.

Roof at The Wit in Chicago

Hanging with Suave at the rooftop at The Wit looks really pretty, right?

Along with a myriad of other fancy-type festivities in places where a person (like me) would have no reason, or business to be near, let alone allowed into -- especially, if she is seriously afraid of very large crowds, or heights.

Me and dawn at suave party 

Me and my good friend Dawn Meehan (Because I Said So) who I just can't seem to get enough of, really!

But, putting all fears and insecurities aside, these are just a few of the people, along with about a thousand others, I would fly over oceans, or travel thousands of miles, to see, and have, as a matter of fact.

Elizabeth, Jenn and Me in Limo 

Busy Mom, JavaJenn and Me

As I, personally, will witness many random acts of kindness (like, eating at a table filled with strangers, while patiently listening to another mom tell her story, in between sobs of tears, then they're telling her that it's okay and that she is not alone) and sharing some good clean fun with some long-time blogging friends at said festivities.

Me, Shannon and Kendra

Me, Shannon (Phatmommy) and Kendra at the wrap-up cocktail party, courtesy of Jack's Dad...again..he takes really good pictures, yeah?

Also, many people (like you) will take full advantage of photo ops (like these) knowing full well that you probably won't see your new best friends, for a very long time.

Sheraton's Back Porch

Sitting on Sheraton's back porch.

Like I told the dude on the airport shuttle, while sharing a ride to the Sheraton, who admittedly "just don't get this whole mom blogger thing" (that's okay, a lot of people IRL don't get me, either) being able to share quiet little moments (like these) is pretty much what being a blogger really means to me.

Mom, sponsored, or not.

The End.

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