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BlogHer IRL: Part Deux and Why I Should NOT Do This Sort of Thing for a Living

Morning yoga in Millenium Park, Chicago. So, you're probably getting really, really tired reading about BlogHer 2009, right? Unless, you happen to be one of my IRL friends (who just recently have been "friend-ing me" on Facebook, like crazy, all of a sudden and are all like, "SO THIS IS WHERE YOU'VE BEEN HIDING," here, all the time) then, all this talk about blogging conferences, swag hags and stuff is going to sound really, really weird. First, check out BlogHer IRL - Part One (if, you'd like) because, I posted some really pretty pictures of my time in Chicago. Also,... Read more →

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BlogHer IRL - Part One

Me and Melisa (with one s!) IRL (in real life) I am no one special. I'm just a mom, who blogs about stuff (like, more than just being a mom) and, sometimes, if I'm real lucky, I even get to do good stuff (like, go to conferences and perhaps even raise a little bit of money) with other folks (like me) who otherwise I would probably never get the chance to meet, IRL. Me and Sue (As Cape Cod Turns) Even though our families have probably passed each other (once, or twice) on the street - especially, during the last... Read more →

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BlogHer, I Don't Even Know Her!

Look for me, I'll be the one tripping over my tongue and spilling stuff at BlogHer! Hello, my name is Liz and this is my 3rd year attending BlogHer. In 2007, Mocha Mom introduced BlogMe and made it easy. In 2008, Mrs. Flinger wanted brutally honesty in introducing ourselves and then slapped me, really hard, on my butt, AND it still hurts. This year? Well, most people already know I'm a dork and still seem to want to sleep with me...d'oh...I mean, share a room and cab fare! [sound of crickets chirping] Moving on. Seeing as I am more than... Read more →

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Parenting tip #6,299,999: Kids May Be Closer Than They Seem

Yeah, for sure, so it makes my eyes hurt (a little) but, isn't it awesome?!? My middle girl (she's 13) made it for me. Yesterday, I think. Although, I forget what day it is. These last few weeks are beginning to meld, together. "What time is it, Momma?" In fact, this week sort of reminds me of when my brother and I would spend summers with my grandmother, sitting on her plastic-covered couch...a little sticky and, if you move to fast, you could really hurt yourself. "Why, you have some place to go, or something?" Actually, besides staying with my... Read more →

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It's a Nice Day for a Battleship Wedding

So, my kids made a list of things to do while away on our summer vacation (first family getaway in six years, btw) and my husband, Garth [not his real name] and I were pleasantly surprised to have checked off every single check box (even the "no arguing" one) except for one: Aquarium (Boston) As a slight compromise -- since, the kids didn't seem to mind our decision to stay on Cape and visit Provincetown, instead -- we promised our son (who was looking forward to checking out the USS Constitution, as well) to make a quick stop in Fall... Read more →

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Our Pilgrimage into Provincetown

My favorite view of Provincetown, MA. We're baaaa-aaaack! What an AWESOME trip we had, too. I'm STILL sorting through piles of dirty laundry, as we speak. So, for your viewing pleasure, some highlights of the last days of our summer road trip through New England. Day 7 - Provincetown is located way at the tip of Cape Cod, or "upper cape" as the locals call it.The girls were all like, "Wow, Provincetown has a boardwalk!" Though, we couldn't find anyone selling any funnel cakes, or knew what the heck a "Zeppole" is (i.e. fried dough in Jersey) but, we did... Read more →

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