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Our Pilgrimage into Provincetown

Provincetown Harbor
My favorite view of Provincetown, MA.

We're baaaa-aaaack!  What an AWESOME trip we had, too.  I'm STILL sorting through piles of dirty laundry, as we speak.  So, for your viewing pleasure, some highlights of the last days of our summer road trip through New England.

Provincetown Harbor Boardwalk
Day 7 - Provincetown is located way at the tip of Cape Cod, or "upper cape" as the locals call it.The girls were all like, "Wow, Provincetown has a boardwalk!"  Though, we couldn't find anyone selling any funnel cakes, or knew what the heck a "Zeppole" is (i.e. fried dough in Jersey) but, we did get a chance to eat at George's Pizza and, well, it really is the best pizza in P-town!


Provincetown Art
Day 7 - The weather was awesome (albeit, a bit on the chilly side) and Provincetown is filled with warm, bright, shiny and very colorful people!


Provincetown - Blueberry-Lane Pottery
Day 7 - We got a chance to meet fabulously talented artists like Paul Wisotzky, owner of Blueberry Lane Pottery and teacher at Truro Center for the Arts, who bravely choose to give live demonstrations of their work and patiently answer about eleventy-hundred questions (daily) like, "Don't your hands get awfully dry," and "What's hand lotion?"


Into the Provincetown tower 
Day 7 - Provincetown is also home to the Pilgrim Monument (built in 1910) to commemorate the Mayflower Pilgrims’ first landing in Provincetown in November 1620. Here the Pilgrims spent 5 weeks exploring the tip of Cape Cod (before sailing to Plymouth) and drew up and signed the Mayflower Compact.


Provincetown tower kids
Day 7 - The Pilgrim Tower is 250 feet high and almost 100 years old.  Heather and I opted out of the climb, about halfway up, due to some serious issues with having to climb 250 foot high 100 year-old towers and not realizing it until, you know, halfway up.

Provincetown Tower Streets
Day 7 - If you're planning a family vacation to Cape Cod (like these people, who were obviously on "vacation mode" and refused get out of my shot) I highly recommend a visit to Provincetown!  It's like one big fat street fair and history lesson all wrapped up in one!

Cape Cod Lighthouse at Hightower
Day 7 - The Cape Cod Lighthouse at Hightower is only a stone's throw away from Provincetown and open for a quick 20 minute tour, although we were ALL pretty much toured-out, by this point in the day.

Cape Cod Lighthouse Views
Day 7 - The kids were happy to be able stretch their legs (before getting back into the car, AGAIN!) and, well, just breath in the fresh salty air heavily infused with the scent of cranberry and rose hips -- someone needs to figure out how to bottle the stuff, seriously!

Cape Cod National Seashore dune grass
Day 7 - This vacation was all about relaxing and being able to partake in quiet little moments (like, chasing sea gulls and getting lost in all the dune grass) while we re-learn to enjoy each others company.  So, yeah, our trip to the Cape Cod National Seashore has paid off BIG TIME!
Next on tap:  Views from a Battleship Wedding!

Greetings from Cape Cod, MA!

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