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Hump Day Diddy Dumbs: Just Another Date Night on Twitter

Date night at lowes

I wonder if he spent this much time, you know, picking out my engagement ring?

After spending Labor Day weeding the garden, along with property the size of a football field, then just hoping for a quiet moment, or two, before the work week started (did I mention, we got kids?) this wasn't quite what we had in mind.

"Do you hear water running?"

My poor husband, Garth [not his real name] is too busy switching off lights, or turning down the temperature, to worry about a mid-life crises.

In fact, he's turned into quite the eco-nazi!

"Relax, I'm washing clothes."


"Oh SH*T!"

Water heater twitter

Well, to make a rather long story short (you're welcome) this is what happens, when you give a busted water heater, to a couple, married for 19 years, on Twitter:

    Twitter water heater 2

Twitter water heater4

Twitter water heater5

Twitter water heater6

Twitter water heater7

Twitter water heater8 

Twitter water heater9

Twitter water heater10

Twitter water heater11

Damned, if his holding out for that tax credit doesn't cost us in the end...literally!!!

Morale of the Story:  The next time someone asks you if you hear water running, you say YES!!!

Extreme Home Takeover

Or, risk a couple of sleepless nights, lying awake, stinky, watching your husband put a few extra holes in the wall!

Twitter water heater12

Or, not and spend the rest of your life, posting stupid stuff on Twitter, like me.

Twitter water heater13

[Edited to Add:  We did NOT go with a tankless water heater, after all.  It would have been placed as a special order, which would have meant a few more days,  without hot water.  Oh, and we decided to install it ourselves.  Because, we just LOVE a challenge.  Besides, it called for another date night.  This time, in the laundry/play room, where we spent a whole 7 hours, last night, alone, together, you know, making it fit.  Aaaand, that's what she said last night.  Buh-duh-bum.  I'm here all week, folks.  Try the veal!]

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